How to change the situation through laughter?

November 7, 2011 16:37

Leo Rusov "Buffoons"

Article focuses on opportunities to influence the fate of the energy of laughter. Incredible discovery scientists and ancient knowledge. Technique shamans and Heyoka. Laughter cures impotence. All of this in this post — read on!

What do we know about laughter? This is a reaction to the non-standard, unusual situations, words and even thoughts or memories of them. Is it surprising? There is a reason to smile. In laughter there are 16 groups of muscles are highlighted various alkaloids that cause the rise tone. Changing power of the body and mind. There is a process that can be called a deep cleaning of the energy channels and meridians of the body.

Profound discovery of ancient — for hidden in the man-like as external to him in the world. All systems development and knowledge of the period were based on this premise. Empirically polished technique improving human capabilities. Each civilization has made a contribution. East and West, first intermittently and then permanently, but without advertising it, exchanged their achievements. Of course, not all, and enriched the treasury of mind for the most part contemplative East.

On the other side of the ocean formed their own, not just original, but very different worldview and culture of civilization. They achieved tremendous progress in the field of human energy and rejuvenation, but then … What happened then — unknown. The remains of cities with pyramids and stelae cyclopean jungle swallowed. Conquistadors easily acquired land degraded people. Miracle that some knowledge survived stored in shamanic traditions of Indians living in what is now Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. These traditions in common with such systems shamans Eurasia.

Some readers may make a hasty conclusion that the author, promising to tell the fate of a conscious change through laughter, began to spread the idea of the subject. No. Just the basics of this technique is rooted in the practices of shamans, specifically American. They have a special caste of clowns called heyokami. The outer side of their operations — a fun fellow to lift the morale of soldiers and ward off disease. Hidden side — to shape the future of the tribe. How do they do it? Answer this question in an article.

In the XX century, a whole galaxy of researchers studied the behavioral assumptions and the impact that has on our lives hidden installation. It was found that the disease recurring, events that literally haunt us, meeting with people of the same facial features literally programmed settings for different types. We have already talked about them. It is a complex, stereotypes, beliefs, and habits brought about by the program. Taken at this point in psychotherapy practice methods of cleansing from this formative life rubbish unreliable and require a long time and a lot of work. Alternatives offered by the occult gurus synthetic least labor-intensive exercise. And we, and lazy, and the bread must earn, plus personal life with a bunch of trouble and hassle. No time.
Perhaps, too, was once a shaman. Looking for a fast and effective method. And it found it! In Russia, the new explorers such methods were the creators Simoron. In the world they are not the only ones. True, these techniques rather zamorochitsya in adapting to the contemporary mentality and trying to explain to the result. We will not even try to do it in this article. Occupation is a long, tedious and thankless task.

Those techniques shamans and modern magicians simple. Must switch the habitual thoughts and feelings, to keep on-wall installation. Not cosmetic change, and blow up the frame usual attitude. Drive out fear and anxiety, ordinary logic intoxicating joy. Euphoric feelings and illogical and paradoxical thinking. Turn off the old scheme for a time sufficient to displace the old template of the situation. This is achieved by reduction to the absurd situation. Is not only the image of reality, but also the image itself, even more important.

Shamans who addressed the tribe, wearing a mask exists, is the personification of the fears and hopes of the tribe. Possible expectations were amplified and brought to the point of absurdity laughter, releasing the stored energy experiences. Then the birth of a new name and image. Heyoka a new mask to easily defeat the enemy, ridiculing them and driving in a stupid situation. For example, the old woman tricked a drought, slipping instead offering burning plant shoots, causing tears. War locked in a cage and fed it to the point of exhaustion, and then she ran, promising freedom not to come eight moons. Long unbridled joy ended general dance proclaiming a bloodless victory. Dance into a frenzy and forgetting himself. This led to the desired result. Psychoanalysts would call it — a deep catharsis.

And not only in the release of emotions. This technique is a 99% probability change the outcome of any situation. Why is it a complex question. In general we can say about the change of flow of personal and collective energy, apart from the usual egregores and stuff. Vadim Zeland have favored a move to a new line of life, Yuri Zemun dragged chaos. And then, and another, and a third — a rather conventional construction. According to the degree of objectivity, they are no better than the model planetarium solipsism proposed simoronistami. Perhaps they are all right in whole or in part, may explain their bullshit. Postulates the infinity of the universe — the rest will follow.

These techniques work not only destructive negative situations. Shamans successfully expelled so illness from consumption to impotence. When the arrogant Americans asked one Mexican shaman who the perfume and where they live, he said that they live in a world of our souls. Easier and better can not be answered. Clean the world of the soul with laughter and you will be happy!

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