How to get to the astral plane?

July 17, 2012 14:41

Encouraged such pursuits clear and dry weather, and atmospheric tension and harm grozy.Zheludok be pust.Luchshee time of the day-from 23 pm to 3 am.


Monroe advised to take a comfortable position lying like before zasnut.Opustoshit mind, that is, to fully control the thought processes will help you a simple tool called finger pokoem.Vozmite smooth stone, and holding between the middle and index finger of one hand, and rolling, repeating herself some mantra, such as your name.

Rasslableny.Smirites muscles so that the first time you can not preuspet.V this case, after ten attempts to mine just go spat.Zabudte the pressure bed and pillows on your back and head, it will help you forget about the power of the world's lack prityazheniya.V this force anyone necessarily vzletit.Lezha on the back with his eyes closed, you can think of yourself standing at the head and watch your own personoy.Drugaya like trick-lying in the same relaxed pose on the back, you can imagine how your astral body turns to one side, then on the stomach, back to back, and so on, faster and bystree.V end it will spin around osi.Vasha physical body lying motionless inside the rotating energy cocoon.

At one moment, the centrifugal force literally throw cocoon naruzhu.Mig department accompanied rising sharp sound in his head.

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