How was Atlantis?

December 22, 2012 21:37

There are few topics that would be paid through the ages as much attention as the legendary Atlantis. Of its existence and death expressed a variety of assumptions.

Off the coast of Cuba, a large city on the Bermuda Triangle Robotic submarines found several sphinxes, pyramids and four other buildings.  Photo:

Off the coast of Cuba, a large city on the Bermuda Triangle Robotic submarines found several sphinxes, pyramids and four other buildings. Photo:

Many researchers have argued that this mysterious land was in the Mediterranean (Santorini and Crete, Malta, and Corsica, as well as its the coast of Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula), others — that the islands in the Atlantic or in the bordering regions (Azores and Canary Islands, Madeira, Ireland, the Basque country, Iceland and Mexico), the third — in the North Sea (Island of Heligoland), and more — in the Pacific (Peru and Easter Island), in Africa (Benin and Zimbabwe), in the Indian Ocean (Mohenjo-daro) and, finally, in the Arctic Ocean (Arctida or Hyperborea).

In recent decades, his numerous works great attention paid Atlantis scientist and writer, one of the largest and best-known atlantologists Russia VI Shcherbakov.

Meticulously analyzing the content of myths, legends and traditions, studying a variety of research materials (including historical plan), Shcherbakov shared the view of the existence of the relatively recent past, an advanced civilization of Atlantis, which was in the Atlantic Ocean and lost about 12-14 thousand years ago in a global cataclysm …

Province of Atlantis, in what is now the Mediterranean, after a grand catastrophe, caused by the fall of a giant asteroid or meteorite, after the rapid melting of ice in the Arctic and the European glaciers and raising sea levels by 150-200 meters were flooded.

Shcherbakov said that there were two of Atlantis in the different geographic areas: the first one (in fact Plato's Atlantis) — in the Atlantic, and the other (called the Eastern Shcherbakov Atlantis) — include the ancient cities of Asia Minor and the Mediterranean.

In support of his hypothesis Shcherbakov leads, for example, the following arguments:

"The history of Atlantis as told by Plato, requires an advanced civilization in the Mediterranean in ancient times — 9 millennium BC. e., because the Atlanteans fought the tribes living east of Tirrenia — Etruria, that is, it is in the eastern Mediterranean. Until recently, no archaeologist would not name a single city, the history of which goes back to a time so long ago.

Now the cities are open. This Catal Hüyük and Chayenyu-Tepezi in Asia Minor … ChatalHyuyuka residents built houses of adobe bricks in seven millennium BC. e. They knew the 14 species of cultivated plants. Pieces of tissue that period is astounding even in modern weavers. Striking technique of mirror polishing obsidana. The holes in the beads of semiprecious stones thinner needle eye.

How was Atlantis?

Craftsmanship and artistic taste of the ancient Anatolians far exceed anything known in other parts of the world. In Catal Hüyük found shrines and temples and even a priestly district of this ancient settlement. Mother Goddess, giving birth to a child (one of the principal deities of Catal Hüyük), sits on the throne, the handle of which take the form of two leopards. Atlantis East for millennia older than the pyramids and other ancient monuments … "

Shcherbakov said that Eastern Atlantis was founded by settlers from the mother country (Plato's Atlantis) before a worldwide disaster.

And these ancient cities of Asia Minor and the Mediterranean, the origin of which belongs to the VIII-VII millennium BC. e., as already mentioned, and Catal Hüyük Chayenyu-Tepezi and Hadzhilar and Jericho, which opened not long ago, are from just east of Atlantis and their appearance to date back to the period after the crash …

Today we know about American Olmecs — the nation, before the Maya created the American high culture. They became known to scientists, worshiped jaguar (in this case it could be, as they say, about this "obsession Jaguar").

A local legend tells of the relationship of the divine jaguar with a mortal woman, from what was a powerful tribe of heroes, the sons of heaven and earth. It was they who were both men, and jaguars, and in another — "Jaguar-Indians." So, the Olmecs lived, it seems, later inhabitants of Catal Hüyük amazing city, whose culture was associated with the worship of other "wild cat" — a leopard. But who can answer today, how many centuries of history stored Olmec The present-day wild jungle of America? .. Apparently, in his dialogues, Plato spoke of the "East Atlantic", which he regarded as the Hellenes. That it was for the people, really? .. The answer can be only one today: they were Pelasgians or related to tribal languages. How much was actually Atlantis? ..

How was Atlantis?

One, two, or perhaps three or more … If so, where are they? .. Can we find answers to these questions? What is new today, after more than two thousandth time publications on this subject, we may say of Atlantis (or Atlantis)? .. It turns out that very, very much! ..

As you know, the mention of the terrible disaster that swept a vast area, it was told to the present day legends of many ancient peoples. The legend of the flood are the most common, especially numerous in the Americas and the Pacific Islands. In all these myths mentioned huge (even catastrophic) rush of water, slaughtered almost all life on Earth. And all the myths about the flood ends saving just one pair of people.

Relatively "potopnyh" myths and legends until now scientists have not reached a consensus on this. After all, the dating of this event is very uncertain.

The author of this book offers his theory on the causes of the disaster and the time of the World, showing the reality of all the legendary and mythical information about the "flood."

How was Atlantis?

It is known that the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean is divided into two parts, a huge underwater array (Mid-Atlantic Ridge), which reaches a height of three kilometers. It stretches from Iceland to the Antarctic shelf in the south. In the region of the Azores this ridge into a plateau with a width of 400, and the length — 1000 km. To the north of the plateau rises underwater volcanic mountains, the highest peaks which rise above the surface of the ocean. This is the Azores. The size and shape of the underwater plateau Azor largely coincide with the description of Atlantis in Plato.

Here's what I wrote about it Academician Obruchev "Dive under the sea level a large area of land, which occurred 10-12 thousand years ago, can no longer surprise geologists and geographers. Therefore, the legend of Atlantis, the death of a large state, cultural village, a warlike people, it is not uncommon, impossible, unacceptable from a geological point of view. The sinking of Atlantis, maybe not such a sudden and rapid, as outlined the Greek philosopher Plato in ancient Greek legend, and lasted for several weeks or months, or years, in terms of neotectonics, is quite possible. And its consequences in terms of reduction and attenuation of the Northern Hemisphere glaciation perfectly acceptable, logical, inevitable. Modern glaciation of the southern hemisphere is not contrary to the assumption that the Northern Hemisphere glaciation was interrupted and terminated because the warm waters of the Gulf Stream had access to the area of the Arctic Ocean due to the sinking of Atlantis … "

How was Atlantis?

The fact that the constant "appear" new data that allow a completely different look at the problem of the existence of Atlantis in the Atlantic. Some interesting facts make serious thought.

We consider a number of circumstances, even indirectly, can be associated with an event in the middle of XI millennium BC. e. catastrophe …

British geologists in search for oil in the North Sea, between the Shetland Islands and Norway, met with items that indicate that at a depth of 130 meters there is a submerged island. At the bottom of the sea were found cutting tools made of silicon, which were used by Aborigines about 12,000 years ago.

Researchers concluded that this part of the sea floor were then out of the water. According to specialists, the island, the size of about 20,000 square kilometers, plunged into the water after the ice age, when sea levels rose significantly. Studies have shown that the island was covered with thick grass and low shrubs were fed reindeer and moose …

In the mid-1980s in Shropshire (England) in the layer of lacustrine clays were found almost complete skeletons of mammoths and several of his calves. Radiocarbon dating has established that the age of "objects" 12,700 years. This meant that they are one of the oldest in the world. Mammoths, as we know, never experienced a crash in the late Pleistocene and Holocene, which occurred 10-12 thousand years ago.

In the area of the ridge Moroccan Rif archaeologists discovered an ancient city, which is about 12 thousand years ago, the ancestors of the Berbers lived in a giant cave labyrinth: the total length of galleries and exhibition halls is 35 kilometers. From whom, if not from aggressive Atlanteans could hide in the numerous caves ancient inhabitants of Morocco? ..

In today's Meyzengeyma (Germany), about 11 000 years ago there was a big eruption, resulting in the surrounding area was buried under a layer of volcanic ash and pumice. Taken during the recent excavations in the valley of Neuwied (central part of the basin Rhine) archaeologists under a layer of ash and pumice discovered an ancient forest.

Dense, four to five meters layer "volcanic sediments" covered this area, preserved remains of plants and animals. Pre-dating the time when the dead forest, shows that it was 11040-11460 years ago. This coincides with the dating of the volcanic eruption and the estimated time of global catastrophe …

In Greenland, according to researchers, more than 10 thousand years ago, fell Aginito iron meteorite, weighing about 34 tons, is the second largest in the world (the largest iron meteorite is Toba, located in Namibia, with a mass of 60 tons). Is this meteorite "fragments" falling to earth a celestial body that will destroy Atlantis? Aginito meteorite in 1897 was brought to New York and is now in the museum there …

In the early 1970s, American archaeologists carried out excavations in the cave Medokuraft (PA) and found a stone bench, which, according to geologists, broke away from the roof of the cave about 10,000 years BC. e. Beneath it were found traces of human habitation from the period 15-20 thousand years BC. e. It is appropriate here to mention the discovery of the north-western United States ancient mastodon skeleton, one of the edges is detected bone spear. Animals of the mammal, similar in appearance to a bishop, lived on Earth about 14,000 years ago …

Chayenyu recently near the village in south-eastern Turkey have been excavated rectangular houses suites, which are about 10 thousand years. Found that, in addition to these buildings, there are also erected elaborate public buildings with pilasters, with terraced floors and carefully aligned. On the floor of one of these buildings found range, which bears the human face of a life-size …

It seems that the above facts are enough to agree with the conclusion that the legendary Atlantis really existed at one time, and then died.

It is quite clear that a powerful state of Atlantis had numerous provinces (one Eastern Atlantis) and the different colonies (as we have said, for example, Egypt).

Atlanta, escaped during a global catastrophe, taught a wide variety of knowledge and the art of other people in different parts of the world, and also formed a powerful caste of priests, is prevalent in many countries in secret for centuries certain knowledge.

Just a few words in support of the above …

Between X and VIII millennia BC in the history of mankind has become firmly established agriculture, after which they were provided with a more stable environment for human survival in the new situation after the global catastrophe. Began to accumulate wealth, to change the forms of social life, built homes, manufactured products and so on …

For example, some features of the structure of plant genes can trace the common methods of agriculture, etc. Genetic studies show that originated in the Middle East, around 9.8 thousand years BC. e., farming for 3-4 millennia spread throughout Europe.

Pollen, is known to have a high resistance to chemical attack: putting off items and materials, its particles are condensed and fossilized, but always point to the type of vegetation, the owner.

Establishing the age of pollen shows, for example, in what is now France is about 9000 years BC. e. cultivated lentils and peas. Hence, they have been in these areas long before the arrival of agriculture from the Middle East.

And how to deal with the fact that, for example, transactions with a craniotomy practiced already in VIII millennium BC. e.? The finds of stone needle allowed the Chinese Academy of Traditional Medicine concluded that acupuncture has existed for at least another 10 000 years ago …

These are some of the facts … and yet how much was Atlantis? .. The answer, the author hopes the book, readers will not cause major objection: there was one and only Atlantis, which we learned from Plato, and which is the "mother" of our present civilization. Existed and its Eastern Province Atlantis, but the time of its prosperity was closely linked and depended largely on Plato's Atlantis. More and more new facts, evidence and proof to convince us that …

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