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"I am 70 years old. I live in Kazakhstan, sell newspapers and magazines. From the experience of his life encourage everyone, especially young ones, but too old — learn to understand the prophetic dreams. Work — will be able to avoid many troubles in life. I used to be "walked" to the touch, now use a lot of books, including a book of dream interpretations. Everything I write below come true! So think of the dreams seriously.
Dream 1. I dream that I was standing in the yard of her daughter, son-in runs out of the house and fall into my arms. I'm screaming, "Doctor, Doctor" — and I wake up.

Soon I went to his daughter and said: "What happened to you, something with Sasha (her husband)? I saw a bad dream. " Daughter smiles and says, "Yes, Sasha went on a fishing trip with his father, and the river is covered with ice. He decided to go to the middle, the ice broke off under him and he fell into wormwood. Could not get out, clutching his ice, ice crumble, and his father ran along the shore, broken twigs to apply, and only when ordered him to take off his boots, galoshes, he climbed out of the hole in the ice. Came home without boots. They took the vodka, rubbed it, and gave to drink, covered up with blankets, and next morning he propotel and did not get sick.

When I saw this dream, I knew someone would be a bad thing. but cry ("Doctor!"), knew he would recover. Because I know that scream doctor to see a doctor, to see the clinic means that the person is recovering.

Dream 2. I have a dream: the room door all black, and wake up soon to the window to take a bad dream that has not come true, and I say: "Where are the night, and sleep there. The night passed, let the dream take place without a trace. " But you can see what happen, there is no escaping.

Wages were not paid for a long time, and to live for something I had, and my daughter and I decided to sell newspapers. We got up to the empty counter, without interfering with the hucksters. And they began to say, "Get away from the counter." A single, clear or smoke break after a binge (stand all day on the street is difficult, so many hucksters drink), bumped from behind at her daughter and began to beat her, and others are jumping, even one with a bottle. I was speechless: arms and legs do not move, and just yell, "Police!" And can not help. Bumped into a bunch of people and nearly killed.

We went with her daughter to the district, but to prove that her daughter was attacked, and could not. The matter was hushed up: District of shopkeepers, but we did not have time to prove — it was impossible to miss work. After two school-age children: feed them, give drink to have. I just said to her daughter: "God bless them, they do not care that evil will not get away."

Dream 3. I see in the morning dream: my grandmother (she died long ago) goes downhill and is on the hands of my grandson and his grandson stretched his legs, well, like a dead man, and I immediately woke up. At work, women are told to sleep. They say, "Pray, go to church, ask about the health of her grandson at home 500 otbey bows on her knees. Ask St. Nicholas, led to trouble. " As said, I did. Grandson was with me.

So I drove him to the daughter of the village. We arrived, I was something bad, had high blood pressure, and I lay down, and with his daughter-in-law told me to look for the child.

In-law went out and got into conversation with a neighbor, and the grandson of a bike ride. this time at breakneck speed driving their zavgara drunk and almost ran over my grandson: son managed to jump and almost pulled the child from the wheels and the bike was crushed.

Daughter took him up, hid the white sheet. When I jumped out of the noise and saw the outstretched legs grandson and his stony face that she saw in a dream, I felt sick. We went to Grandma, cast fright. And now the grandson grows too serious, playful, like other children, he does not. "

N.Emuranova, Uralsk,
West Kazakhstan region

14 Secret Power 2004

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