IAC approved the production of aircraft materials company

The Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) issued a certificate of approval of the manufacture of aircraft materials CJSC "Prepreg-SKM", included in holding company "Composite", The document allows you to "Prepreg-SKM" deliver innovative new products for the domestic aviation industry, the company said.

"The certificate confirms the ability … JSC "Prepreg-SKM" to produce products that meet the highest standards of aviation standards and facilitate the admission of carbon prepreg for use in civil aircraft and military aviation", — The report says.

Prepregs — Composite materials, semi-finished products produced by impregnating a reinforcing fiber substrate evenly distributed polymeric binders.

"In the global aircraft industry lightweight and durable composite materials based on carbon fibers have largely replaced the traditional metals — aluminum and titanium"- Said General Director of" Composite " Leonid Melamed, whose words are reported.

According to the director of quality and certification of HC "Composite" Victor Assumption, "the next step — getting by "Prepreg-SKM" international certificate for quality management system for the aerospace industry for compliance with AS 9100. "

Holding company "Composite" was created in 2009 to form the composite materials market in Russia. In the holding company are the production of high-strength and high-modulus carbon fibers and fabrics based on them, as well as high quality prepregs (composite materials, semi-finished products) used in various industrial sectors.

The supervisory board of state-owned corporation (now JSC) RUSNANO in April 2009 approved the participation of RUSNANO project on Industrial prepregs based on carbon and mineral fibers and nano-filled resin systems.

The Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) was established on the basis of a signed 30 December 1991 intergovernmental "Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace." MAC is defined by the executive body of the 12 states of the former USSR states delegated functions and powers in the field of civil aviation and the use of airspace. Participants to the agreement are now Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Source: RIA Novosti 28.06.2011

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