Ian Maksimyuk offers primer for the summer

Society My opinion is: every reader at least once a year to prydarytstsa situation in which he will read something for the sake of pleasing, not only for the sake of necessity. In the summer, the traditional time of rest from the necessities in life, I decided to offer just Several such pleasant reading. Ensure that all the pleasure I stopudovo's not going to, but I will say that I personally read these things for no reason and the necessary requirements. And then, no one prymushvany, some of these things translated.

First Bohumil Hrabal, "Dancing hours for senior and experienced."

This thing can be viewed as a response to the Czech Marcel Proust and James Joyce. Small size Hrabal novel appeared in 1964, and as the saying goes, immediately fell in love with the reader. In the Czech Republic, its most so far released a total circulation of half a million copies. Novel is essentially one giant tale monologue of the protagonist, which, of course, links her with the last section of "Ulysses." The content of this tale monologue is lost forever ecstatic praise of peace and time of Austria-Hungary, than one find unmistakable parallels with the "Remembrance of Things Past", telling about the very same historical era, albeit in a different place and with other heroes. Unlike these things Joyce and Proust, Hrabal's novel can be read in one evening, even years. And you can still keep the full spiritual and intellectual balance.
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Second Tarja Vesas, "Ice Palace".

The most famous work of one of Norway's greatest writers. As for me, Tarja Vesas interesting even for Knut Hamsun. In this short novel, which came out in 1963, Vesas writes about the age-old contest of life and death and the meaning of the match. Movement and its meaning through the eyes of the reader contemplates the twelve girls in my life that ignites a powerful sense of friendship and spiritual understanding with the same age. But the other girl suddenly and inexplicably disappears walled capital "ice palace." Makes life worth living? What is death? Or a person sentenced to loneliness? A whole slew of writers put these questions and tried to answer them. Few people responded so achingly and remember how Vesas in the "Ice Palace".
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Third Patrick Midian, "Villa Jurba."

Early 1960s, warm summer, a small resort town on the vast lake in the Alps on the French-Swiss frontier. In one of the hotels in the resort resides Victor someone who calls himself a Count. France is at war in Algeria, and Victor, it seems, went to the place of Paris, not wanting to be taken into the army and sent off to war. In the town of Victor meets a mysterious Yvonne, aspiring actress, who dreams of becoming a movie star. Love is born, the young couple settled together in hotels and travels to different parties and restaurants and is involved in a tawdry secular life of a provincial resort. They are accompanied by Rene, a dozen years older acquaintance of Yvonne, the character no less for the most mysterious girl. Dreams of a joint road in America are destroyed when Yvonne leaves Victor York from the resort along with former ski champion and local playboy-perestarku. This glamorous and hackneyed plot — just an excuse to Midian to snavats refined and nostalgic story about the relentless praminanni and forgetfulness and inability to delay the time and learn the full truth about his past. Midian — one of those writers who all his life wrote a book in different ways. Over the past ten years I have been able to acquire about twenty versions of his books. I read them all summer.
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Fourth, Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio, "The Desert".

What gives the Nobel Prize for literature? The answer may be a novel "Desert" by Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio, who received the award in 2008. "The Desert" was published in 1980 and was the first major success of this writer among the readers of the public. This is — a hypnotic tale of the desert Blue People from the south, leading endless, hopeless and nameless war against the people from the north, somewhere in Marakeshy at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. And the story of the young Lulu, a true child of the Blue Men, who leaves her home and beloved wilderness to be in the other, non-native and unloved. The role of the other desert in which there is no real life, Le Clézio executes the French city of Marseille. You can and should skip past the ears and eyes of Le Clézio moralizing about the benefits of "free" beduinskaga lifestyle over the "free" Europe, but we can not ignore his powerful panel of the desert. "Desert" — a modern fairy tale about something arhetypnae yes supersonic and timeless. It's Literature with a capital letter.
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Fifth Lawrence Norfolk, "Dictionary of Lyampryera."

On Lawrence Norfolk I mentioned on our site, rekamenduyuchy his second novel, by turns, the "Papal Rhinoceros" (1996). Today I want to recommend his mad debut in 1991, the novel "Dictionary Lyampryera." John Lyampryer (1765-1824) — a historical character, an English expert on classical scholar, author of a well-known its time dictionary of proper names found in ancient Greek and Roman authors (released in 1788). Norfolk confused little interest in nature knigaeda real job since the end of XVIII century in the incredibly extravagant, darkly bloody, complicated beyond all imagination and something to hide, invented from the beginning to the end of intrigue and adventure, in which key roles are reserved by the way, the heir to the fabulous Fortune of the British East India Company (founded in 1600), La Rochelle Huguenot defense in 1627-28 years. and a traitor and a secret band of the rulers of the world under the name of Kabbalah, which is settled in London and the dungeon, it seems, has opened the secret of immortality, or something close to it … You can not read a book in one or two nights, but one rainy summer weeks should be enough to overcome it. And then to come back to it again and again …
Russian translation can be found online.

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