Ice Palace opened in Stavropol Presidential Cadet School

February 3 in the Stavropol Presidential Cadet Academy was inaugurated ice palace.


That being said, the school director Lyudmila Chepelkina, referring to the inmates, the advance guys from the leadership of the country and the Minister of Defense. Now the boys will not only improve their health, but also to master such a manly sport like hockey.
Alexei Komarov, director of the St. Petersburg company "Stroy-Impulse", said that the construction of the Ice Palace took more than four months. Arena, or as it is called, the box is less than the "adult" and refers to a type of children's and junior mobile fields. In concrete pad fed through tubes special chemical cooling water, and thus the ice is frozen. For this object the ice preparing for three days now and will remain for a long time (even if the street in the summer heat will be over forty degrees), and only from time to time it will grind the machine to become smooth again.

At the opening of the palace were invited to the 49th Field Army and famous athletes who live in Stavropol. A cadet college students showed the guests their skills in skating and hockey. L. Chepelkina hoped that one of the boys to take part in the Sochi Olympics in 2014.

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