Icebreaker Soviet Union returns to the Arctic

In the coming year in operation on the Northern Sea Route will be entered another icebreaker. Thus, only in the Arctic will be valid for six vessels of this class. This was announced by the head of representation "Atomflot" Stanislav Golovin, speaking at a round table discussion on the theme of "Arctic transport system as a fundamental factor in the development of the region."

"Given the growing freight traffic in the Arctic, we are in 2012, commissioning of the nuclear-powered icebreaker, which was laid up, — he said. — This will be the sixth ship of the class, which will be released on the Northern Sea Route ".


The return to work is called icebreaker "Soviet Union", and under this name he will walk in the Arctic, said Golovin. "Yes, we do not rename it," — he stressed.

The first Russian nuclear icebreaker new project will be built in 2017, Golovin said.

Construction of a series of three such vessels will start in 2012, the representative of the "Atomflota." "The budget is adopted, the money is allocated," — he said, recalling that "pleasure is not cheap — the cost of construction is 32 billion rubles." However, this step is necessary in view of plans for economic development of the Arctic.

The main objective of the new icebreakers — to promote the Yamal Peninsula, pilotage who export extracted natural resources there, said Golovin. In this case, the court will be able to lay on the ice and fairways at sea and on rivers. This is due to the fact that they will change their draft through ballast water in special tanks. The width of the hull is that the "him virtually free to go tanker tonnage 70 tons," said the specialist. In this icebreaker will introduce the world's most advanced technology, said Golovin.

Nuclear icebreaker fleet decides to state problems, the specialist said. The most important of them — the emergency rescue operations, if necessary, participate in the work on the delimitation of the shelf, that is, in fact, the definition of the boundaries of the Russian economic zone. In addition, Golovin said, "together with Roshydromet We monitor the weather, as well as delivery and pick up of the expedition" North Pole ", perform the task of the Ministry of Defense for Support of the Navy in the northern seas."

However, it stressed the representative of "Atomflota" icebreaker fleet carries more work on a commercial basis. "We strive to ensure that the nuclear icebreaker fleet made his living by himself. But no increase in tariffs, but on the contrary, their decline — due to a corresponding increase in demand, "- said Golovin, noting that" we have managed to increase the commercial revenue for the three years in half. "

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