Icebreakers Rosmorport began pilotage in the eastern Gulf of Finland

Fifteen icebreakers provide icebreaking ships in the season 2012/2013 period. 14 of these icebreakers — diesel-electric and nuclear-1. At the moment of 15 began work three icebreakers. The rest of the court icebreakers ready for use. 

Currently icebreaker "Captain M. Izmailov" carries the wiring in the port of Vyborg, the court to withdraw from the Big Port of St. Petersburg holds icebreaker "Captain Zarubin." Icebreaker "Dezhnev" engaged in icebreaking ships in the convoys and deployed on the roads of the Forest Maul. 

Icebreakers "Captain Plakhin" and "Ivan Krusenstern" in the Big Port of St. Petersburg is a 4-hour and daily readiness, respectively. 

Since the beginning of winter navigation 2012-2013,. in the Big Port of St. Petersburg, Vyborg and Vysotsk icebreaking services provided to more than 70 vessels. 

There is an ongoing intensive formation of ice in the northern and north-eastern part of the Gulf of Finland. Solid ice thickness of 15 cm was formed at the site of the Big Port of St. Petersburg to the dam. Fast ice thickness of 20 cm is observed in the seaports of Vyborg and Vysotsk and the Saimaa Canal. Also begins the formation of ice in the sea port of Primorsk. 

For the record 

In preparation for winter navigation upgraded navigation equipment icebreakers "Moscow" "St. Petersburg", "Sorokin Captain" and "Captain Nikolaev." The four linear icebreakers are running the latest version of the electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS) «Navi-Sailor 4000" that automates the process of navigation. Installed navigation systems are equipped with a module capable of displaying maps of ice of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute. 

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