IES-Holding has started construction of a new unit at the Izhevsk CHPP-1 (photo)

April 27, 2012 a ceremony of laying the first stone in the construction of new power Izhevsk CHPP-1 

IES has begun to establish a new power Izhevsk CHPP-1. Construction is carried out in the framework of the priority investment project IES-Holding in the Udmurt Republic — Reconstruction Izhevsk CHPP-1.

The project involves the construction of combined-cycle power plants with a total capacity of 230 megawatts, its implementation will a 4-fold increase in the installed electrical capacity Izhevsk CHPP-1 (From 69 MW to 290 MW) and decommission obsolete generating equipment, 50% lower specific fuel consumption and improve the overall efficiency of the plant. The total project budget is estimated at 10.3 billion rubles (Including VAT). Entering the combined-cycle plant to be commissioned in December 2013

"This is the largest scale and scope of investment projects in the energy complex of the Udmurt Republic in the last decade and a major step in improving the reliability of the power system in the region by increasing its own generating capacity. In addition, the project will extend the life of the oldest power plant in Udmurtia. HPP-1 will use a high-tech modern equipment and will be released to a new quality and economic indicators of the level of energy production ", — said in a solemn ceremony, Deputy General Director of IES-Holding Andrew Wagner.

The investment project of IES-Holding on reconstruction Izhevsk CHPP-1 on the basis of modern combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) — a landmark not only for the station and the company, but also for the region as a whole. Even at the stage of formation programs for the development of power generation capacity in Udmurtia investment initiatives and objectives of IES received support from the republic. So in 2008, Udmurtia and IES-Holding signed a cooperation agreement, which was primarily aimed at the implementation of investment projects, to ensure reliable and uninterrupted power supply, environmental safety of power.

"I would like to thank the management of IES-Holding's decision to build a new power. The project addresses the problem of energy shortage in the region and is working on the future of the country. Provision of electricity in Udmurtia with the introduction of PSU will increase significantly. In addition, significantly increase the thermal power Izhevsk CHPP-1. This means that we can provide a significant amount of heat that housing, which only still planning to build. And another important point — the cost of electricity and heat will be quite different than it is now, I can say unequivocally that they are in favor of the consumer, "- said in his speech, the President of the Republic of Udmurtia Alexander Volkov.


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