IES launched in Perm, a new 124 MW power unit

August 28, a ceremonial launch into operation of a new combined-cycle plant Perm -6. This event was the final of a major investment project in Perm, implemented over the past 30 years.

The project of "IES" and the Perm branch of JSC "TGC-9" will provide promising new buildings thermal load edge of the capital, as well as improve the reliability of power supply of the city.

After the installation of a new combined-cycle plant and all related infrastructure at Perm-6 were carried out commissioning, during which the new equipment has been tested the operation of all machinery, connections, power lines, control units combined cycle plant — just a few hundred pieces of equipment.

In the spring of 2012 were carried out comprehensive tests of the University, during which the plant was operated for 72 hours at full load — 124 MW. After verification of the combined-cycle plant and certification tests in power, RTN signed the act on the successful completion of comprehensive testing. In mid-summer, obtained necessary permission to run a new power in commercial operation.

"The development of power generation capacity is one of the priorities of JSC" Integrated Energy Systems ". The Company intends to commission new power units and upgrade existing stations using the most advanced technologies in order to remain among the leaders in the production of electricity and heat in Russia. By removing the energy deficit in the power of Perm accelerate the pace of construction of housing. The design capacity of the new unit will give green light to the development of new industrial production ", — said General Director of" IES "Eugene Olkhovik.

Perm CHPP-6 provides heat to the residents of Sverdlovsk, Lenin and Motovilikhinsky Perm regions and industries located here. In 2009, the reconstruction of Perm CHPP-6 under the priority investment project of "IES". This project is a priority for the company, and the key to the development of the power of the Perm Territory. The project in the CHP-6 actually built a new power plant: combined cycle gas turbine, mounted in the new building CHP includes two gas turbine SGT-800 the newest modifications, two modern HRSG and steam turbine SST-600 made by Siemens.

At the end of the project, the total electric power plant capacity will increase by 124 MW and heat capacity — 96.5 Gcal / h to 860 Gcal / h Annual electricity at the same time will be about 1,000 million kW / h of heat — about 2.2 million Gcal. Commissioned thermal power can provide additional heat to more than 50 thousand apartments. The high efficiency of the new unit will reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by 600 tons. The total project cost is $ 7.581 billion rubles without VAT.

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