Igor Bantsar sentenced to five days in jail

June 15 in Grodno considering action against the activist of the Union of Poles Igor Bantsar.

10:30 Igor Bantser punished by administrative detention for five days. Told lawyer Vladimir Kiselevich. The hearing was held at the police station "Center" on the street Gorodnichanskaya.

Igor Bantser declared a hunger strike.

9:45 Judge Lenin District Court Stasyukevich Bantsar started to hear the case behind closed doors. The police did not let supporters detained in the office, explaining that this regime object. Igor Bantsar protects lawyer Vladimir Kiselevich.

Bantsar held in a police station.

June 13 the judge was willing to consider the matter in the sector, however Bantser demanded a lawyer. The court postponed until the morning of the 14th.

Bantsar detained 14 June, when the review began in Grodno criminal case against journalist Andrzej Poczobut. Bantsar charged with disorderly conduct.

Igor Bantser. police reporter distracts from the window

The case lawyer Vladimir Kiselevich

Judge Ksenia Stasyukevich (right) with the secretary of the court is directed to the police station "Center" on the street. Gorodnichanka in Grodno

The police department "Center" on the street. Gorodnichanka in Grodno

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