Igor Bantser — dry hunger strike in prison

An activist of the opposition Union of Poles journalist Igor Bantser began to starve in jail. He was detained on June 14 in the morning, but today was punished by arrest or five days — for disorderly conduct, for allegedly "obscene language." He declared a hunger strike.

This morning, Igor Bantsar taken to the police station "Center" in Grodno on the street Gorodnichanskaya. After a while, there came the Leninsky District Court Judge Ksenia Stasyukevich and defender Igor Bantsar lawyer Vladimir Kiselevich. The Department did not let journalists and colleagues of Igor. But he managed to get to the window, and reporters saw him in a red shirt with the word "Freedom" before police dragged him away from the window. After the trial, the lawyer came out of the area Vladimir Kiselevich, he said:

"Lenin district court judge found guilty Stasyukevich Bantsar and appointed administrative detention — five days. Bantser I talked to, he declared a hunger strike. Way, he does not eat since yesterday. So six days it will be almost starving."

The case lawyer Vladimir Kiselevich

Lawyer Kiselevich said:

"Accused of disorderly conduct. Two police officers have written protocol to indicate that Bantser" swore a rough foul language. "I said, and also Bantser that whatever decision the court neither adopted, it is politically motivated. All this is done, to Bantser missed the June 17 trial Poczobut. In my speech I said that Bantser — one of the most active people in the Union of Poles. On the sanctions provided for in Article 17-1, and there is a penalty of two base units to thirty, the judge could have given and a fine. "

Court decisions have been waiting for the police to Gorodnichanskaya Angelica Orehvo with a small child in her arms:

"I expected this, because I think — this is due to the process of Pochobut to Igor and Friday was absent, so these five days in jail."

The wife of journalist Andrzej Poczobut Oksana was also on Gorodnichanskaya — expected the court would decide regarding Igor Bantsar. She said:

"It was expected that it will be put. But I was surprised that he was only five days, but this article is no longer provided. Do not know what will happen next: it can provoke and add it again or delay — on Monday. Indeed, I think which, of course, the trial Poczobut on Friday will not end. "

Judge Ksenia Stasyukevich (right) with the secretary of the court is directed to the police station "Center" on the street. Gorodnichanka in Grodno.

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