Impact fleet Island Empire

Varangian (Up to June 19, 1990 — "Riga"), a heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser Project 1143.6
December 6, 1985 laid on the Black Sea Shipyard in Nikolaev
(Serial number 106) was launched on November 25, 1988.

Impact fleet Island Empire

In 1992, at 67% of technical readiness of the construction was suspended, the ship laid up.
In 1993, under the agreement between Ukraine and Russia "Varyag" departed Ukraine. (16 photos)

Impact fleet Island Empire

In April 1998, the company sold Chong Lot Travel Agency Ltd for $ 20 million
— With prices finished about 5-6 billion dollars.
Since 2008 — renamed «Shi Lang»


Type of aircraft carrier
The Government of China Flag of China Flag
Home port of Dalian
Construction began December 6, 1985
Launched on November 25, 1988
Put into operation not completed
The current status of sold

Impact fleet Island Empire

Kiev — The heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser of the Northern Fleet of the Navy of the USSR (Soviet Navy).

Impact fleet Island Empire

It was built from 1970 to 1975 in Odessa on the Black Sea Shipyard.
In 1993, due to the shortcoming of funds for maintenance and repairs, making a significant resource of weapons, devices and equipment, decommissioned the Navy after — disarmed and sold to the government of the PRC. First, in 1994 it was towed to Qinhuangdao, which was converted into a museum.
In September 2003, the "Kiev" was towed to Tianjin.

Type of aircraft carrier
The Government of the USSR Soviet Union Flag Flag
The Black Sea Shipyard Shipyard in Nikolaev (USSR, now Ukraine)
Construction began July 21, 1970
Launched on December 26, 1972
Put into operation December 28, 1975
Decommissioned June 30, 1993
The current status of Sold Chinese company in the amusement park

Minsk — Heavy cruiser carrier-based Black Sea Fleet of the Navy of the USSR, and later — the Russian Navy.

Impact fleet Island Empire

"Minsk" was launched on September 30, 1975.
Entered service in 1978.
In November 1978, would be included in the Pacific Fleet.

In 1993, it was decided to disarm "Minsk", its exclusion from the Russian Navy to transfer to OFI for dismantling and implementation. In August 1994, after the festive descent Navy flag it was disbanded.

At the end of 1995 "Minsk" was towed to South Korea for cutting his body to the metal. After the aircraft carrier was oversold Chinese company Shenzhen Minsk Aircraft Carrier Industry Co Ltd. In 2006, when the company went bankrupt, "Minsk" was part of the military park Minsk World in Shenzhen. March 22, 2006 the aircraft carrier was put up for auction, but there were no buyers. May 31, 2006 the aircraft carrier was again put up for auction and was sold for 128 million yuan.

Type of aircraft carrier
The Government of the flag (the flag of the USSR USSR)
The Black Sea Shipyard Shipyard
Launched on September 30, 1975
Decommissioned June 30, 1993
Current status of the entertainment center

Novorossiysk — Aircraft Carrier Black Sea and Pacific fleets of the Navy of the USSR (Soviet Navy) in 1978-1991.

Impact fleet Island Empire

For the first time in Soviet aircraft carrier was designed to accommodate troops on board, taking languid transport helicopters and basing Yak-38P.

It was built from 1975 to 1978 in a shipyard in Mykolaiv (Black Sea Shipyard, director Gankevich). Configuration settings made to the project during construction, the delayed commissioning of up to 1982 C 1978 launched and being completed in a floating state.

August 15, 1982 on the ship was officially raised the Naval flag of the USSR, and on November 24 he became a member of the Pacific Fleet.

Type of aircraft carrier
The Government of the USSR Soviet Union Flag Flag
Launched on December 26, 1978
Decommissioned in 1991
The current status sold in South Korea

Heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Admiral Gorshkov"

Impact fleet Island Empire

(Up to 4 October 1990 was called the "Baku", then renamed the "Russian Admiral Gorshkov", but soon called in official documents in a lightweight form of "Admiral Gorshkov") — Russian and Russian heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser, the only ship of Project 1143.4 [1], sold to India January 20, 2004. March 5, 2004 cruiser excluded from service of the Russian Navy, the current name of the canceled officially launched St. Andrew's flag. At the current time the ship after a complete overhaul introduced into the Indian Navy as an aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya" and is on the completion afloat, at the 1st of the piers of the Northern Machine-Building Enterprise.

Impact fleet Island Empire

Type of heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser, etc. 1143.4
The government flag Russian flag Our homeland
Launched in 1987
Decommissioned in 2004
The current status of India sold January 20, 2004

"Ulyanovsk" (order of the C-107)[1] — Russian heavy nuclear-powered aircraft carrier displacement of 75,000 tons, the Project 1143.7.

Impact fleet Island Empire

Laid on the stocks of the Black Sea Shipyard Nov. 25, 1988, construction ceased in 1991. By the end of 1991 was formed a large part of the housing nuclear aircraft carrier, but after the withdrawal of funding is almost ready for the third part of the ship was cut on the stocks. Went to the smelting and metal, created for the second ship of this type.

"Ulyanovsk", which was to become the flagship of the Navy, it was supposed to have air group containing up to 70 vehicles, such as helicopters and Su-27K, Su-25, Yak-141 and Yak-44. The ship was equipped with with 2 catapults, arresting gear and a springboard. For storage of the aircraft under the deck had a hangar the size of 175 × 32 × 7,9 m on the flight deck they podymali with 3 lifts with capacity of 50 tons (2 on the right side and one on the left). The aft is an optical landing system "Moon".

It was supposed to build 4 ships. October 4, 1988 the head "Ulyanovsk" (serial number 107) was included in the list of Navy ships and 25 November laid on the Black Sea shipyard number 444 in Nikolayev. The entry into service scheduled for December 1995.

Impact fleet Island Empire

Type of heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser
Government of the Russian flag Alliance Socialist Republics USSR
Home port Sevastopol
The current status of reclaimed

"Russian Admiral Kuznetsov"

Impact fleet Island Empire

aka "The Soviet Union" (draft),
aka "Riga" (tab)
aka "Leonid Brezhnev" (launching)
aka "Tbilisi" (tests))
Heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser Project 1143.5, the only one in the Navy of the Russian Federation in its class (as of 2009). Designed to engage large surface targets, the protection of marine compounds from possible enemy attacks.

Named in honor of Nicholas Gerasimovitch Kuznetsov, Admiral of the Fleet Russian Union. Built in Odessa on the Black Sea Shipyard.

On the aircraft carrier during campaigns based 25UTG Su-Su-33 and 279th naval fighter aviation regiment (airport-based — Severomorsk-3) and the Ka-27 and Ka-29 830-th separate anti-ship helicopter regiment (airport-based — Severomorsk-1).

December 5, 2007 "Russian Admiral Kuznetsov" led a detachment of warships, go hiking in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

So Makarov, the Russian Navy resumed its presence in the world's oceans.

Huge anti-submarine ships of the "Komsomolets Ukrainy" (Project 61, Code NATO — Kashin).

Impact fleet Island Empire

For the year 2009 as part of the Black Sea Fleet of Russian Federation is the only one (TFR "Sharp-witted") of 20 ships of the project, have joined the Soviet Navy in the period from 1962 to 1973. Another 19 ships currently being decommissioned and scrapped.

Anti-submarine helicopter cruiser.


Impact fleet Island Empire

Sold India, cut into scrap metal.


Impact fleet Island Empire

The increase in tow to India and butchered on the metal.

Cruiser Project 1164 Ukraine

Impact fleet Island Empire

(Past the "Admiral frontal") in 1993, became a member of the Ukrainian Navy, a decision on its completion was made in 1998 but put it into operation Ukraine can not, and so the cruiser is at the pier, the variants of the cruiser.

-Of the 7 languid aircraft carriers ready to defend the Russian Federation ONE.
One utilized.

-Of 2-ASW helicopter cruisers

-Of the 20 BOD (Project 61)
19 ships decommissioned and scrapped.

It is a pity that we did treat their own domain. Unlike us Americans do museums of the ships reached the end of its own life.


From the country broke the back of Nazism, the country's first published komsos,
of the country in which medical care and education were free for all people,
from a country with which the number of force and respect, we are reincarnated in the country — huckster.

It goes perfectly with us.
Sell What did our fathers and mothers.
The fleet industry, defense industry, the economy, RESOURCES, their own children.
We have forgotten how to do something, not including how to sell made by proxy.
Even our kids, we would not have sold nearly respect us ..
Not for us to respect that.

Or all the same remains something?
That have not sold, and that is not for sale.

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