In 97-year-old Italian grown new teeth

April 16, 2012 10:20

In elderly Italian Elena Novello San Giorgio delle Pertiche the province Padua (Veneto), suddenly began to grow new teeth.

97-year-old Italian woman for about a year does not eat solid food, but only homogenized products for young children, as she had left of their teeth. What a surprise it was an old woman, when one morning she found in her mouth first one, and a few days more, and one tooth, which at the moment is five.

Study of this unusual phenomenon, though not unique, because the world has already recorded several similar cases handled by local doctors and dentists who have not yet found a scientific explanation for this phenomenon.

"Last spring, Aunt Helena became seriously ill and was in hospital for a long time, and when she returned, she was no longer able to eat normally, so we decided to feed her baby food from jars", — told reporters the publication Il Mattino Elda, niece of an elderly Italian looking after her.

For the very old women have new teeth discomfort, but certainly is not a reason to contact your dentist to remove them.

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