In Australia, the aliens crash provoked

February 12, 2013 12:58

In Australia, the aliens crash provokedAustralia, Brisbane: The Australian city of Brisbane, law enforcement officials are investigating a strange story.

Two men who were in a car accident, said law enforcement officers, "that there was something very strange," and the accident triggered by aliens.

Although police do not particularly believe in "flying saucers", another reason that the driver of the car was in a state of extreme intoxication. From my own experience, the police know that in this state can not only prividetsya UFO in the sky, but sitting in the car next to the aliens, which prevented the driver to slow down.
Now Australians will tell everything in detail, when brought to trial.
According to investigators, one of the victims to the police station about half past two in the morning and said that he and a friend got into an accident. But when the place came the police outfit, I found lying under a bridge car, and the callers themselves were not.
More than 30 minutes to reach someone police participants accident, but they replied muddled and confused. Representative of the insurance company told a strange story. He said that he was called an accident participants, who shouted that they were "terribly scary" and they are going to steal, repeatedly referring to the Bermuda Triangle.
After two and a half hours of police noticed on one of the forks in the road highway men who behave inappropriately they were armed with knives, they waved and shouted: "They are full around here!" These were, called police the driver and passenger. They behaved violently, constantly repeating the aliens. The police do not have to fight with the other planets, and engaged in humans and tested the blood alcohol content. As expected the guards, they were both drunk.

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