In Brest, hand out coupons for dollars

Brest Friends organization "Young Democrats", together with activists and BSDPG campaign "Tell the Truth" will hand out today in line with the townspeople exchangers coupons for dollars. In this way young people express disagreement with the economic situation in the country.

The head of the regional organization "Young Democrats" Vladimir Wujek says Now that anyone who has the need to acquire dollars, is faced with difficulties. The overall situation in economic terms only pagorshvaetstsa. His disagreement with the policy pursued by the existing powers, activists decided to demonstrate in a joking manner:

"This playful action we recall the 1990s. Then there existed more money than goods

"This playful action we recall the 1990s. Then there existed more money than goods. Government has also introduced coupons as a limiter for the citizens. Today, I personally, my friends and acquaintances are seeing an acute shortage of foreign currency, so it is our playful coupon, a kind of "limiter" on the U.S. dollar. "

Some time ago, activists of the campaign "European Belarus" handed out to passers-Brest "x … yard Belarusian rubles." Vladimir Wujek says that maybe this is not the last action:

"We will distribute coupons among the townspeople standing in queues at the exchanger before. Now we really can not buy dollars. Therefore, we look through the lens of a joke."

UCP member Marat Nesterenko says Now that more real through humor to reach out to citizens, to draw their attention to the political and economic processes in the country:

"Discounts in 1990 years were administered by the state primarily to limit the purchasing power of citizens. Now the purchasing power of people falling against all currencies. Hence, the rise in prices of all goods and services. We will pay attention nagamatstsa "tolerant" of the population of the fact what's going on in the country. "

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