In Gomel, laid wreaths at the Chernobyl Chapel

Tonight in Gomel representatives of the democratic forces laid wreaths and flowers at the Chernobyl chapel in the neighborhood Volotavy.

It has become a tradition — to honor the victims of April 26 of the Chernobyl disaster, to remember those dark days of the invasion of the city "peaceful atom."

Before the Chernobyl chapel

A member of the UCP Vladimir Nepomnyashchikh came to the funeral event t-shirt with the inscription: "For Belarus without Lukashenka":

Vladimir Nepomnyashchikh

"The power of a gram does not care about his people. Now conceived to build Chernobyl-2 — in Ostrovetsky area. Our power is nothing teaches nothing — neither Chernobyl, nor accident in Japan. Our sun-evidently necessary" peaceful atom "to him considered in globally . "

Former juvenile prisoners of war Vladimir Myshakov to the Chernobyl Chapel led his pain. Vladimir says that Chernobyl — is a disaster for the whole Belarusian people. In the war of a little boy Vladimir occupants herded into a concentration camp "Ozarichi" and mother with three children — Hoiniki. And remained lying there in the land of his two sisters. After forty-one years of their graves sprinkled with ashes of Chernobyl.

Oksana Bass

Oksana Bass Chernobyl in the year went to the sixth grade. She remembers the days of 1986, when they were, schoolchildren, were taken in Kabardino-Balkaria to rescue from radiation.

In Alexander Korochenko parents live in contaminated by radiation Vetka district:

"My parents live in the" zone "where I go I am. They have health problems. Particularly affected leg. In the village are all convinced that this involved radiation strontium, which dwelt in the bones."

Flowers Chernobyl

Gomel funeral celebration of democracy activists filmed operators in civilian clothes — from a motor vehicle and nepasradna on the street.

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