In Ireland and Iceland can not be built on land of fairies

November 28, 2012 3:08

Responsible people who make decisions in Ireland on the construction of roads, we have to be very careful not to accidentally get on a territory they have already chosen local fairies.

In Ireland and Iceland can not be built on "land of fairies"

Despite the fact that the majority of Irish people say they do not believe in the stories of the fairies, is still common practice for roads and highways route changes if the "experts" claim that a certain piece of land may serve as a gathering place for small winged creatures.

 Folklorist Eddie Lenihan says that if you build a road to the land of the fairies, the consequences can be catastrophic — including brake failure and large-scale accidents.
This practice is in Iceland, where most of the population believes in elves — and there are not so nice, like Disney, and pretty nasty vengeful spirits, which also will not tolerate on its territory any there bulldozers.
Why the roads in Iceland also regularly build around — just not to disturb the evil elves. In one case, work on the project had to throw at all, when, due to equipment breakdowns workers could not remove from the road by a large stone.
They decided that the elves so send them a signal and quickly turned work. Since then, the stone no longer attempt.

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