In Kiev, opened the Festival of Belarusian repressed culture

April 25 in Kiev began the traditional, the fifth in a row, the festival of contemporary Belarusian culture "Belarusian Spring". It will last for three weeks. The program of the festival — many art exhibitions, performances, workshops, video installations, discussions.

The organizers of the festival — a creative initiative "Belarusian troops." This community is indifferent to Belarus Ukrainians, whose friends, relatives, the relatives live in Belarus.

Well-known Ukrainian writer Alexander Irvanets mastered even the Belarusian language, which translated many of his works:

"We are very close. Peoples We are real brothers. Ukrainians and Belarusians impose a brother Russians, but true brothers — that's us against Belarus. Ukrainians feel that we are very close, very similar to the nations. And a very similar story. Indeed, we have No nation in the world. "

This year, the "Belarusian Spring" festival will be repressed culture, because such Ukrainians see the modern Belarusian culture. And the subject matter is quite urgent, says festival coordinator Tasia Zhivkov:

"After doing the festival exclusively Belarusian contemporary culture or modern culture and not to talk about the political situation in the country would be unfair to silence the very serious facts."

April 25th festival began exhibition "special regime" (Especially Mode / Special Treatment). On display are the works of four artists — two Belarusians, Russians and Ukrainians. Overall theme that unites all four creators — the repression, torture.

Belarusian Yuri Novitsky painted directly in prison when serving arrest 10 days in Zhodino.

Known Russian cartoonist Andrew Bilzho Cards presented to Belarusian political prisoners, which he made specifically for the site The postcards or literary fairy-tale characters trapped in situations, which can be protesters. For example, an investigator in the form of a wolf asks Little Red Riding Hood, where she was wearing pasties on December 19.

Ukrainian artist Nikita Kadan Belarus has created a version of the posters "procedure room", which combines the nostalgic innocence Soviet posters for Occupational Safety and books on military training.

Festival coordinator Tasia Zhivkov

"The artists, creators believe that the problems of political repression and torture must say, because turning a blind eye to the mountain neighbors, sooner or later, the mountain will come to our country, to Ukraine. Therefore, we believe it is impossible to conceal."

Ukrainian writer Alexander Irvanets getting ready for performance "sincere confession":

"It will be a sight when I was arrested the morning of the 13th on Friday. I will be a full day in office, prison, and in the evening to tell what I felt. I've never been in jail, but when he served in the Soviet Army, was on guardhouse and know what to depart for three days in the chamber. I do not live in Kyiv and in Irpen, I will be taken from there to Kiev will be put into the chamber for the whole day and in the evening I will share with the audience that I felt. "

The festival "Belarusian Spring" will be a presentation of comics Marina Naprushkinoy "convincing victory" master class "Art in jail," an open discussion about the responsibility for freedom of opinion and many other activities. The exhibition will run until May 13.

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