In Kiev there was hope again realize cruiser Ukraine RF

In Kiev there was a hope to sell again cruiser "Ukraine" Russian

Nikolaev, November 08 (New Region, Misha Ryabov) — Ukrainian side saw progress in the negotiations with Russia concerning the implementation of an unfinished missile cruiser "Ukraine" which has almost 20 years of standing at the wall of the plant in the town of Nikolayev.
"The majority of Russian military ships were built in our shipyards. Last week, we were again on the left group of professionals harsh Ministry of Defense and the Navy of the Russian Federation. It can be said that the fracture was, we feel already that cruiser will be bought (last cruiser "Ukraine"), and we can get orders ship repair, "- said in a broadcast Nikolaev regional governor Nikolai Kruglov state broadcasting company.

In addition, the bureaucrat said, "there is a severe Russian Federation's intention to return to the completion of the base repair submarines. One that for more than 20 years is on the Black Sea Shipyard area. "
"We're actually closer to resolving the issue to establish a joint venture with Russian United Shipbuilding Company" — said the circular.
It clarifies the local portal "NikVesti" base repair submarines, which mentioned the governor — a floating platform that Black Sea Shipyard plant began to build in 1990, launched the December 27, 1991. Floating technology base for the project in 2020 was intended to recharge the nuclear submarine reactors. But after launching due to lack of funding the work at the facility were stopped, the decision was made to its conservation. Until now, the unfinished floating technology is at the base of the wall fitting-CSY.

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