In Kyrgyzstan, there were two powerful earthquakes

In Kyrgyzstan, there were two powerful earthquakes

In Kyrgyzstan on Wednesday night, there were two earthquakes. As reported at the Mediterranean Seismological Centre, the first magnitude was 6.2, the epicenter was located at a depth of 10 kilometers, 34 kilometers south-west of Fergana (Uzbekistan), 404 kilometers from Bishkek. Groundwater level were recorded in 00.35 local time.

RIA Novosti reported that strong tremors were felt in Tashkent. Residents of the Uzbek capital ran out of the apartments.

Just over an hour later there was a second less strong earthquake of magnitude 4.4. Its epicenter was located 68 kilometers south of the Fergana at a depth of one kilometer.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan, the earthquake was felt in the neighboring country and in the southern regions of Kazakhstan. In Almaty, the force of tremors was two points, in Shymkent — three or four points, in Taraz — three points on the MSK-64.

No casualties or damage.

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