In Lithuania remembered the victims of Chernobyl and pratestvali against new nuclear power plants

Today, in the center of Vilnius, a march and other activities to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident. Several hundred participants not only to remember the victims of the tragedy, but also protested against the construction of new nuclear power plant in Lithuania and its borders, including the planned Ostrovetskaya plant, which poses particular challenges to Lithuania because of its proximity to Vilnius.

"Atom — no!" Chanted the demonstrators. The posters and banners and inscriptions in Lithuanian Russian languages"The new Chernobyl — no," "I want to have a child with one head, and you?" "Yesterday Japan, today Lithuania", "No — Nuclear waste!" As well as calling for the Lithuanian government to negotiate with Belarus and stop Ostrovetskaya building nuclear power plants in 50 km from Vilnius.

Saulius Pikshris, head of the Lithuanian Society for the Protection of Nature and Cultural Monuments «Atgaja» says the sad anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster — a reminder of the fact that nuclear power plants are as dangerous as nuclear weapons:

"We almost all the time maintain ties with Belarusian activists coordinating our actions, right now, after the explosion in the Minsk metro intensified repression of the opposition and civil society organizations, and they are more difficult to actively protest. If Belarus will organize some movement, some stocks, we are always near the action and conduct of the Belarusian embassy in Vilnius. "

During a rally in front of the representative of the Lithuanian Seimas Speaker Irena Dyagutsene adopted by the participants of a petition demanding that the Diet has announced an indefinite moratorium on all activities related to the construction of new nuclear power plant in Lithuania and around its borders.

Saulius Lapenis, vice-chairman of the Lithuanian Green Party "Sąjūdis" says he'd like to wish the people of Belarus on the day of the 25th anniversary of the tragedy Charnobylskay:

"At this day I want to wish the people of Belarus to inhale more air of democracy, will not stop at this and think about how you, the people of Belarus, who are so affected by the Chernobyl disaster, could stop the creation of new and dangerous nuclear power plant on your land. And we, as the new Lithuanian Green Party, in turn, we do everything possible to stop the creation of not only Ostrovetskaya plant near Vilnius, but also Lithuanian and Kaliningrad NPP Pastare and help you through the European institutions. "

After the rally near the Diet and the procession down the avenue in the center of Vilnius Gediminas held a concert in memory of the Chernobyl tragedy with famous Lithuanian musicians.

Activist of the "Young Front" and the student initiative "Studalyans" Cyril Atamanchyk:

"I'm here not only because such date, 25 years of tragedy, but also because there is now a danger that the three atomic monsters will appear from us. Look, 80 percent of the hundreds of participants in today's action — the youth are very pleased that activity, so indifferent. Yet what is striking here, unlike in Belarus — it's the police, the fact that she is engaged, as befits her, his business — to protect us, the protesters, that we did not stop. I'm just in awe of how all passes. "

Vilnius Municipality issued a permit for the rally participants to 800. Participants of the rally took care of cleanliness — the activists, who were last in the column, collected trash.

Video and photos of today's action in Vilnius can be found here.

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