In many traditions, there is mention of a certain elder race that once inhabited the Earth

February 21, 2013 20:09

Most Western nations have called them elves, Scandinavians — Alva, Celts — tribes of the goddess Danu and sidami, Bretons — Corrigan, Slavs — divimi people, Indians — Gandharvas and Apsaras. Remained about this mysterious people and material evidence. So who are they — the older inhabitants of the earth?

The strange discovery

About ten years ago in the Alpine mountains, permafrost scientists found the frozen body of a man. Due to the fact that the body was constantly in sub-zero temperatures, it is perfectly preserved. Scientists believe it was a man, aged about 40 years, which was cold on the mountain pass … a few thousand years ago.

Who was Oetzi still remains a mystery

However, there was a dead man? His clothes, shoes and personal belongings could not be identified with any of the known cultures. Surprised and looks dead: it was a miracle proportionally built, with a perfectly correct, as we found out with the help of computer modeling features. But the most striking thing was found when using modern technology, scientists examined the bone tissue. Despite the fact that he was at death was about 40 years old, it was a young man.

The bones and the skeleton of it is still in the formative stage, as the sixteen modern teenager. Comparing these data, the experts concluded that reach maturity he had aged a hundred years, and to live much longer. Perhaps, then scientists are seriously thinking over the ancient legends of the eternally young elves.

Handsome and adepts

Descriptions of older people in the legends and myths of different cultures are remarkably similar. First, the senior race was different from human growth: its members were either giants like Celtic and Indian seeds Gandharvas, or, conversely, the kids, the elves and the Scandinavian Alva. But in any case, they were slim, elegant and amazingly beautiful.

According to some legends, they are long-lived — lived five hundred years and more. In other myths senior people at all endowed with immortality. The children have their representatives produced very rare.

Selilas elder race away from the people — in caves, in hollow hills, dense forests, secluded islands. Seeds and other senior representatives of the people were skilled craftsmen: their products far exceeds in beauty and quality of the items, manufactured by human hands. Elves, for example, is particularly famous as excellent weavers.

In the myths of all cultures is the eldest race endowed with innate magical abilities. Besides her sons and daughters remain remarkably, charmed the audience talents in music, singing and dancing. In India, this music still lazy called "the art of Gandharvas." A melody elves adore reel in the moonlight to dance even inanimate nature.

Alva (elves) in the early Norse mythology — the ageless, with its magic, great race, as well as people living on earth, or in the "elf-world", which is also described as physically real (as the legends people get there and back there alive). This idea of Alva, was partially preserved, even went to the Middle Ages, remained sealed in the language, names, culture, and genealogy.

Contact with people

Despite the fact that the older people living in isolation, he had numerous contacts with people as much evidence as preserved in legends and myths, as in medieval chronicles. The relationship between two intelligent races took shape in every one.
Older people often act as a mentor, to teach their "smaller brothers" of various arts and magic tricks. Often, his gifts to representatives of the people wonderful things, predicting the future, or endow any of extraordinary ability.

In England, a very popular legend of Thomas Learmonth (by the way, distant ancestors of our great poet Mikhail Lermontov) and the queen of elves. Visited her at a party, Thomas found the gift of clairvoyance and charming eloquence. And Oisin tribe told the founder of the goddess Danu Irish St. Patrick's Church on all features of the relief of Ireland, its rivers and lakes.

However, the older brothers hated when little brother to them were uninvited guests. Bystanders of their secret meetings and rituals are often butchered. Anyone who sees a ghost in the mountains of the "city of the Gandharvas," threatened, according to Indian legend, luck or death.

All legends present the claim that the older people love to steal human children, sometimes leaving their return. Indian scholar Krishna Panchamukhi, carry out comparative study of Celtic and Hindu mythology says that this ancient anti-extorsion not be regarded as a manifestation of hostility. Because of the low birth rate senior people, apparently, constantly in need of fresh blood, or he would be doomed to extinction.

Between older people and the people of cases, even marriages. Of them had babies that have long life and many talents. As adults, they often become rulers or great sages, such as the legendary Irish seer Finn, who in the III century BC led a band of men who lived in the woods and have devoted themselves to the war and the hunt.

Slavic diva

They believed in the senior people and the Slavs, calling it "divas", "samovilami" or "Samodiva" about them is mentioned in the "Word" — against the teachings of paganism and even in the "Lay" ("div klichet top of the tree"). It is clear that the name is derived from the "miracle" — "miracle." Unfortunately, until the advent of Christianity the myths and legends of the Slavic regions were not recorded, so the "samsdivah" remains far less evidence than leecher, elves and Gandharvas.

It is known that the beautiful diva different appearance, the women had their hair to toe, worn loose. Lived in the mountains or build houses on trees. According to legend diva could levitate, but sometimes for some reason suddenly lose this ability (in the same "Lay" — "already Vrezh divas on the ground"). Divs distinctive talent was the ability to find water — apparently, they were the first dowsers in. More divas know how to treat, predict death, but they themselves were not immortal.

To people Samodiva treated kindly, helped an injured and orphans. However, if the diva's wrath, he could severely punished, even killed one of its eyes.

One of the last mention of divah refers to the 20-s of the last century. It contains the records of the traveler Mikhail Belov, who studied the dark corners of the Urals. He claimed that local people deeply believe in divih people who live in mountain caves. These creatures are beautiful, wise and have the gift of foresight. Sometimes they come to the village and talk about what is going on in the world. Traveler would laugh "Babkin tales", but then realized: is not it strange that the inhabitants of the mountain villages, completely cut off from the world, are well aware of the change of power in Russia, and on what its leaders want?

Tangible evidence

With a serious approach to the subject to rely on nothing but myths and legends would be, of course, unreasonable, fortunately, have survived and some material evidence of the culture of older people.

At Lancaster Museum (England) kept bowl XM century. As the researchers note, in that distant time, the British did not have the technology that would do such a thing. At best, this item might appear a few centuries later, when the blacksmith and engraving on metal well advanced. However, the physico-chemical analysis shows that the bowl was made in the XII century, and its history is directly related to the older people.

According to legend, a farmer returning from a late night guests walked along the hills. In one of them he saw an open door and heard the sound of music and singing. When he looked inside, he saw feasting. All of them were young and extremely beautiful. Seeing the guest, the company presented him with a cup of wine. Having received a precious cup, farmer, without thinking twice, rushed to their heels. Chased after him, but the farmer was faster. Lord, a serf who was this peasant, he saw the cup, and, struck by her beauty, and chose. Then he gave a magnificent vessel in the present king. Bowl for a while hereditary English monarch, and then came to the museum.

Another amazing discovery was made in Ukraine: the oracle bones, scientists determine the age of approximately 17,000 years. On the bone with pinpoint accuracy suffered a lunar calendar, which may be analogous to a modern astronomical calendars. Scientists do not doubt that this calendar is a testimony to the highest than any known culture as semi-wild nomadic tribes that inhabited at that time the territory of modern Ukraine, did not have a clue about astronomy.

Who are they?

Specialists build a variety of hypotheses about who is actually were the older people. There is a theory that it was the people who from the start did not go the way of technological development, and the path of unity with nature. This explains the birth of their extraordinary abilities, and the desire to live away from the settlements, among the mountains and forests. Then biologically elves, divas and seeds does not differ from us, and from marriages with them might well be born children.

However, the more popular hypothesis, which states that it was still a somewhat different form of intelligent life. Indeed, scientific evidence that Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons, that is our ancestors — a completely different species of living beings, but very close. The same can be assumed in the case of older people.

The most advanced version of the same incredible renowned scholar and author of the acclaimed film "Memories of the Future" by Erich von Däniken. According to him, the senior people — to live on Earth by aliens. However, von Däniken also admits that it could be the descendants of alliances between aliens and earthlings.

Where did the senior people?

By about XVII-XVIII centuries evidence of meetings with representatives of the older people have come to naught. If one third of the medieval legend narrated about elves and the powers that then completely forgotten about them. So, in the world they are no more. Where could they go? In British tradition tells of a magical land of Avallon, which left the senior people. There, believe sailed the legendary King Arthur. Most experts believe that the senior people simply assimilated with people, because due to the low birth rate is not able to maintain their identity.

However, theorists of the plurality of parallel worlds believe that older people traditionally lived and continues to live in another dimension. It is their home, and they appeared on Earth only occasionally on their own, we are not very clear cases. In support of experts cite numerous legends of fairyland, in which time flows differently. Often the hero legends, older people to stay with just a couple of days and returned home, she learned that it's been ten years. So older people's abilities because you can add and the ability to travel between worlds.

Descendants of older people

Recently I was surprised to learn about the people who really believe that about "" carry blood older people. Nothing to do with Tolkien playing the elves, they have not. These people have even organized a club whose members are scattered in different cities of neighboring countries, but the backbone of the club is located in the Crimea.

They claim to have a slightly different composition of the blood than in the general population. Some medications act on them differently or do not have any effect. His people "descendants of elves" are looking for the one they know the grounds that keep a secret, saying only that is judged by a number of features of the exterior, as well as the PA to answer some questions.
The participants of this club are in close contact with their Irish counterparts. They all believe that the generation born in the late 70's and 80's year, "high blood gene showed itself. For better or for worse, time will tell. On their website I was able to see the photos of club members. Most of them are really tall and very beautiful …

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