In Moscow found the remains of an alien probe

December 2, 2011 15:01

In Moscow found the remains of an alien probeStrange stone excavated from the crater next to the river Istra, all strewn with mysterious signs.

Obviously — INCREDIBLE

Aeronautical engineer who worked for many years in the "Vympel", Ph.D. Sergey Sukhinov was determined. Considered an object, hitting him in the arm, "a gift of heaven", "finding the Millennium." And no doubt that we are extremely lucky. Since it was discovered in Russia probe sent to Earth by aliens.

— To explore this space artifact should establish an international commission headed by Academician Jaures Alferov and Professor Sergey Kapitza. It must enter the leading Russian and foreign specialists in paleocontacts, UFOs and ancient civilizations of Earth. If the commission will start now, by 2012 will be able to confirm that there are brothers on reason. So obvious evidence of any one else has — intrigued by the phone owner mysterious subject.

— What is it obvious alien? — I hesitated.

— Signs like characters, many characters, chips, wires, — promised Sukhinov.

"It can not be" — I thought. But at the meeting, of course, agreed. And suddenly …

And here it is the "gift from heaven"?

"Suddenly" is, of course, did not happen. The engineer showed a stone that was not impressed. Yes, the stone was melted. What is perhaps even common with meteorites — visitors from outer space. But with extraterrestrial civilizations are not native at all. Spongy piece of dark rock. No flashy "man-made" parts.

— Where cuneiform chip wiring? — I ask.

— The naked eye can not see — do not hesitate to Sukhinov. — Height of available characters and other elements are not more than half a millimeter.

Sergey Stefanovich displays numerous images and says that the stone came back in 1995. Bared his rain on the bank to dry the swamp next to the river Istra. Marsh located 25 kilometers from Moscow in a strange pit — flat oval size mile and a half. Sukhinov sure that it is an ancient impact crater. A stone found — a fragment of a larger body that should look.

— Car crashed into the ground at an angle — says researcher — left oval funnel. And filled ground on one side. Now this place is a wooded island.

Strange signs researcher found on a stone in the last year, increasing the image on your computer.

— In Mineralogical Museum I reviewed hundreds of stone meteorites, like mine — said Sukhinov. — No one found elements that even remotely could be mistaken for signs. And there are several hundred.


Researcher lists what he had seen on the stone in the first place: even squares, rectangles, equilateral triangles and crosses are the same size, as if made by a stamp. About a hundred tiny squares with a dot inside. Thin filaments. Elements similar to the terminals. The complex structures of dozens of cells connected in a circuit.

— I compared all the electronic boards and chips, because I had seen something like this in the world — says Sukhinov — when engaged in fighting anti-aircraft missiles and aircraft targets. Studied their parts, which fell to the ground, collecting material for a doctoral dissertation. Elements of electronic equipment often burned completely, but melted baseplate were very similar tracks.

— And that, missile parts, which you found to be here such stones? — I express distrust of analogy.

— There were also a kind of stones fused into electronics — responsible researcher. — Power missiles often pour specialty compounds. They freeze "rock" and prevent chips and other delicate items from damage during overloads and high temperatures. In the heavenly guests could be used similar technology.

And here LETTERS

Following electronics Sukhinov saw marks on the stone surface. Are more than two hundred different and tiny — not higher than a millimeter.

— Signs can be taken for natural markings, but many are repeated, — Sergey Stefanovich. — What is the theory of probability is simply unrealistic. For example, I counted dozens of absolutely identical characters, similar to the number "7". Or the Latin letter «f». There are signs that resemble other letters and numbers. Or Chinese characters. Conversely, there are those who do not look like Earth. Although the look complete words.

Of course, it would be good to create an authoritative commission. And either confirm or refute suspicions Sukhinova. Now that he has argued for extraterrestrial hypothesis. But even if the researcher is right, then read something on the stone is unlikely to succeed. He also is a compacted and sintered electronics. Even flown in from other worlds.

— The great discovery would be just the proof that we are dealing with the creation of the brothers on reason, — Sergey Stefanovich. — So, they — brothers — there.


We, humans, have already sent a research probe to other worlds. Apparatus "Voyager." He left the solar system and sent to other stars.

Sukhinov believes that intelligent civilizations characterized as research, and the irresistible urge to tell about themselves. So that the brothers on reason and could send his probe is not surprising. They could do even trickier. For example, place a probe flies by asteroid. That not even a fantasy for us. Such a project is at NASA. There seriously suggest using an asteroid with an orbit suitable for a flight to Mars. That is the very get inside, but on the surface to place motors, batteries, antennas.

Incidentally, in the nearest future Americans — fly up to some asteroid, land on it and install scientific equipment.

According to Sergei Stefanovich, something like a million years ago, aliens made their chosen for the experiment asteroid from the so-called off-system. Such a high probability to fly to neighboring systems and, once in the local gravity field of the planet, to fall on her. Perhaps the asteroid had a lot of research. But the "lucky" one. His piece found Sukhinov. At least he thinks so.

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