In Russia have developed a shortened «Pecheneg» spetsnaz

In Russia have developed a shortened
Gun came booming and not very clear, but he hit at least some body armor

For special forces, who are «working» on small distances, did a shortened version of a light machine gun «Pecheneg». He shoots rifle cartridge 7.62? 53 and can penetrate at least some modern body armor.

Deputy Chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission explained Oleg Bochkarev «Izvestia» that shortened gun comes in a set of promising equipment «Warrior» for the Special Forces.

— New gun we demonstrated president Izhevsk September 18, when he visited the concern «Kalashnikov». It is a tool developed Kovrov plant them. VA Dyagtereva — Bochkarev said.

He added that the technical properties of the gun has not been disclosed.

As explained in «Izvestia» participants in the trial of a new instrument, its main task — guaranteed to hit the enemy, regardless of protection. With all this war does not scare shot volume and low accuracy.

— From him hard enough to hit a target at long range. But with 100-150 — just. With all this rifle cartridge, which is stronger than an automaton, hit at least some body armor — the source told «Izvestia».

The developer of a new instrument, the officer group «Vympel» Center spacialist Russian FSB explained «Izvestia» that from the ordinary «Pecheneg» new assault gun butt and by the absence of forward control handle fire control (Scheme «bullpup»). Because of this gun is shorter by 27 cm, 0.5 kg lighter and more precisely.

— Barrel length is the same — 65 cm He changed the door handles — it moved forward — and cleaned the butt. Accuracy with bipod vtochnosti the same accuracy with hands three times higher. In particular esteem noticeably shortened gun when firing standing and kneeling when the highest grass or obstacles do not allow the use of fire from the bipod — explained the officer.

He added that the sighting range from new gun itself remained virtually the same as that of ordinary «Pecheneg» — 1 km. With all of this due to the new gun muzzle brake efficiency halved. Gun mounts resettled «Picatinny» to install modern scopes and accessories. For the tests in 2014 is planned to be shortened 20 machine guns newest design.

As told «Izvestia» in the Defense Ministry, short gun will be tested for the 1st option of last generation equipment «Warrior.» For her, it was developed a new «Kalashnikov» AK-12, which has not passed preliminary tests and was not allowed to municipalities.

On the plant. VA Degtyareva which production took place at the municipal tests, «Izvestia» confirmed that under the «Warrior» will experience a shortened «Pecheneg». With all this said representative of the plant on the criteria of anonymity that there are several versions of such instruments, and on the technical properties of the test read to the end of it makes no sense.

— The fact that at the moment contrived — it is still far from reality and from the serial deliveries. These studies have not closed and brought to the result, industrial designs for testing will only be ready by the end of the year. This is a brand new gun, and although it may be referred to a shortened «Pecheneg» — explained the representative of the plant.

Human infantry gun «Pecheneg» 7.62 mm was developed in CRI TOCHMASH as future development of the army staff Kalashnikov machine gun (PKM). The main difference from its predecessor was to increase resistance to heat the barrel during firing, also overestimated the effectiveness of fire.

In the upcoming «Pecheneg» has been improved. In the modified version, «Petcheneg-2» barrel made from the newest steels, whereby its life doubled.

Andrei Yakovlev
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