In Russian paratroopers will grow wings

The Russian paratroopers will grow wingsJump without a parachute, it seems, will be in the not to distant future Marines.

The faculty of aerodynamics and flight technology Metropolitan Physical-Technical Institute started creating a personal aircraft that will allow paratroopers descend to the ground faster and less noticeable to the enemy.

In the words of the "MK" one of the developers, the student of 5th course Roman Anisovich, know-how is more reminiscent suit man — bat, with webbed hands and between the body and the tail kitted out. The database project is based on the idea of Western invention — a wing-suit (wingsuit). Lightweight, weighing no more than a normal jacket, it is used in skydiving for a high-speed descent athletes (but they are landing, revealing the ordinary parachute).

The project also Russian developers reserve parachute will not. Paratrooper-"Batman" will land on your feet, for reducing the speed of its own earlier flight. This will allow to achieve a special design a suit. The plan designers, after separation from the aircraft jumper should be diluted hands and legs apart, spreading the ear, and start planning. In-1's, going down without a dome paratrooper will be very hard to see from the ground, in-2, as applicable, he can lay your hands, wings and give the body the greatest acceleration, almost falling stone. But when approaching the ground, pulling the special slings, fighter will be able to simultaneously reduce the speed to low and relaxed land on his feet. It is possible that in contrast to the experts at Myagenko wingsuit offered rigorous model aircraft a suit. He will remember the shell with retractable blades in the wings. At the moment, developers expect rational characteristics of a suit.

About the idea of scientists is clear paratroopers. Innovation, which is still at the stage of computer simulation, looking forward to the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School.

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