In some wells in western Ukraine boil water

03/07/11 I knowingly attribute the news to the "factors" and I am I have no idea why our "scientists" did not see what was happening, and in fact if we analyze all into a coherent whole, a very disturbing picture — the whole of Russian platform, a powder barrel, in 2008, has been observed in hydrogen outgassing looming, now in July in western Ukraine in well water boils, about what it says — the active volcanic processes in the bowels of the earth's crust.

A geophysics from Kiev recorded in this area Carpathians small shift of the crust (16.06.2011) — 5-tikilometrovu crack. The third week with a well in the yard Vyacheslav Nikitin's something strange going on … It boils water. Icy mountain beloved water warmed to 55-60 degrees, and then continues to heat up …

— Once I noticed that, watering the flowers and greenery in the yard, the
I do not get cold hands, — said Vyacheslav Nikitin, Chief
Medical Officer Vizhnitsky district. — I pump water from the well pump. So, holding the hose is always changing hands — this water was icy. And then suddenly this need disappeared. Of course, I was surprised, but did not pay attention. And two weeks ago, on Saturday morning, which went through the hose yellow yellow liquid. The water is getting warmer and warmer. Thought might prokachaetsya … But nothing …

In the yard, two local men are busy master, Michael and Nicholas, for assistance with minor external repairs.

— We're just two weeks of work, — said Mikhail. —
When I first came here, Mr. Vyacheslav told us: "There's something with my
the well happen — the water there is cushy … "Well, it is better
wash in warm water than in cold. And for two weeks, water has become even hotter, so once it has hands and pomoesh — bakes. If things go on like this — for a few weeks, this will boil well …

A few days ago, Vyacheslav measured the temperature of the water — it was about 55 degrees. When the owner removes the cover from the well — show how water is steaming.

— This is also in the well water cools, for when swing it — it rises still hot, — said Vyacheslav. — I have, by the way, a very good well. We dug it back in 1998, 11 meters deep. He was formerly the meter of water, now it is up to half a meter. Whatever the drought was not, never water does not drop. People around the well to 25 meters deep. And when there was no rain, the water level in them fell, people literally bailing her out, she even became brackish …

The nearest neighbors Vyacheslav surprised: they water — ice, and he has — hot
… Mr Nikitin and analysis already done all sorts: radonometriyu,
radiology, chemical analysis — all within normal limits, the water in the well is good,
transparent, that's just — hot …

— I often say, "and you must have the engine warms …" Well this is what it is necessary to have a "boiler" to heat water so so? I shake the water pump "The Kid." Already looked at the papers. They, by the way, the water hot for 50 degrees, do not download …

Through friends in Kiev doctor talked to geophysicists. Those
say their instruments in this area have fixed a small Carpathian
shift of the cortex, it seems that somewhere under the ground formed a "small"
roughly five-kilometer, crack.

— They also say that such a thing — it is usually harbingers
earthquakes, advised to follow the animals, not get out there where
snakes, etc. … I'm not talking to not to sow panic …

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