In the Arizona desert discovered a mysterious purple sphere

January 31, 2013 21:53

According to local TV station KGUN-9, thousands of mysterious, translucent purple spheres have recently been found in the Arizona desert.

It was a normal Sunday in the town of Wa'il Zheradiny Vargas. Normal, while she and her husband came across something a little strange.

Thousands of tiny, purple shade areas appeared out of nowhere.

They were watery, some translucent, and a bunch of spheres lying by itself, it did not keep the tracks and it was isolated from the plant. Zheradina was shocked, and she wanted answers.

We spoke with Darlene Buhrov of Botanical Gardens Tucson, her husband is a botanist. He said that if they are of natural origin, they may be a form of slime or jelly of some kind of fungus.

But this assumption. In the meantime, on the forums, Airconditioner visitors wondering what it could be.

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