In the castle of Kuressaare discover unique archaeological find

December 8, 2011 16:32

In Kuressaare mound excavations. Archaeologists have found is unique worldwide arrowhead with brass rim.
Steering excavations archaeologist Garel Pyuua with colleagues Myaesalu Ain, who works at the University of Tartu. The last dated 10-cm tip XIV century or the beginning of the XV century, writes Saarte Haal.

According Pyuua, find unique shape made of iron to the end of the tip, which is inserted into the shaft of the arrow.

Tips of this type, according to Myaesalu find in Central Europe. In addition, at the tip of the square you can see the trace of the press, but such marks on any of the 700-800 tips found in Estonia earlier, were found.

Also applied to the tip in the form of ornamental brass rim, making it a unique find for the world of archeology.

"Myaesalu could find only one similar instance in Hungary, Pecs" — added Pyuua. Unfortunately, the part of the Hungarian tip rusted, so print or other distinguishing marks on it is impossible to discern.

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