In The Hague, the Belarusian judge alleged spy

In the Netherlands last week the trial of 37-year-old pilot of the national Air Force Chris B. He was arrested this year on March 17 in connection with charges of leaking military secrets to the public, as well as spying for Belarus.

So far, representatives of the investigation refrained from official comment on the case of Captain multi fourth-generation fighter F-16 (Fighting Falcon). It was known that Chris B. worked as a pilot in the Air Force system to the Netherlands in 2009. As reported with reference to NATO experts to local media, this pilot could have information, interesting for Belarus, whose leader Lukashenko friendly relations with other dictatorial regimes on Worldwide. The reporters also wrote that after leaving the Air Force in Chris B. had great financial and psychological problems. He tried to start his own company and led for the sake of talks with investors, including from Belarus and Russia. Then, supposedly, the Belarusian secret services and recruited a former military pilot.

Formal charges were first publicly announced on Thursday at the first meeting in the hall of the Hague court prosecutor Kamps, who stressed the seriousness of the case conducted the investigation.

Meanwhile Chris W. himself at the first trial said that denies all the charges of espionage. He confirmed that indeed communicated with the Belarusian pilots. On He said, He met with them at an air show in Poland. Two of these yearsPins then broke up, and Chris after this tragic accident has more to communicate with one colonel of Belarusian aviation.

Suspect's lawyer Jerry host asked the court to change the measure of restraint to his client and his release on bail. He explained this by the fact that the prosecution does not have sufficient evidence that his client had passed classified material to foreign intelligence services.

However, the court did not take into consideration the lawyer and the prosecutor agreed with the arguments that Chris B., if he will be released, can escape. Belarusian alleged spy, thus, remains in custody in a prison "Zoetermeer". The next hearing is scheduled for August 23.

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