In the Russian Federation has the means to ensure their safety — Academician Andrei KOKOSHIN

Russia has the means to ensure their safety - Academician Andrei KOKOSHINU.S. eagerness to provide for themselves "absolute invulnerability", as states in his article, Vladimir Putin, and unsafe, and ghostly. In the Russian Federation there is a scientific and technical capacity, and the political will to ensure, first, a reliable deterrent, which will not give the U.S. the ability to feel in absolute invulnerability.

Such an outlook was expressed in an interview with Trend. ITAR-TASS academician-secretary of the social sciences Academy of Sciences, ex-secretary of the Russian Security Council Andrei Kokoshin, commenting Display now Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in the press article "Russia and the Changing World."

— Putin rightly says that a string of armed conflicts justified by humanitarian reasons, undermines the time-honored principle of municipal sovereignty. As a result, international relations there is another vacuum — the moral and legal. And, of course, the Prime Minister quite right when he devotes his attention to the fact that the weakening of the Russian Federation does not meet the interests of the international community as a whole, the common interests of security and strategic stability. U.S. eagerness to provide for himself the absolute invulnerability of what goes in your own article, Putin, and unsafe, and ghostly. These samples are taken and Washington in the past, but they turned out inconclusive. In the Russian Federation there is a scientific and technical capacity, and the political will to ensure, first, a reliable deterrent, which will not allow the U.S. ability to feel in absolute invulnerability.

— On the other hand, the U.S. is quite arrogantly respond to this kind of expression, saying that we are not going to change their plans in favor of Russian. What really can oppose our country's military power the U.S.? In particular, taking into account the destruction of the 90's and today's complex state of our "defense"?

— Let's call my answer is this: some reflections on the hypothetical nature of the measures to improve the structure and composition of the Russian strategic nuclear forces and to strengthen their battle resistance. Especially since not long ago published my book — "The problems of strategic stability" — and where I touched the subject.

Let's start with the fact that strategic stability can be maintained as a joint effort of cooperative, and on the basis of one-sided. In modern conditions, in the absence of a distinct binary nature of the global military-strategic balance in the presence of a huge number of imbalances in the field of general-purpose, everyday weapons, this task looks especially daunting. Because of this fundamentally fundamentally how you can work faster and details such options for the foreseeable future strategic stability, which would imply, first, complex Russian-sided action.

Conceptual (and some software) framework for this exists. Almost all of it was laid when, in the 1980s, was preparing an asymmetric response to the IDF.

Then, as a worst case assumed the U.S. withdrawal from the ABM contract in 1972 and the rejection of any agreement on the limitation and reduction of strategic offensive arms. Now we litsezreem it just happens.

Several components of the strategy of our asymmetric response was then implemented, as they say, in the gland. Among them — intercontinental ballistic rocket "Topol-M" / "Universal" / in the road-mobile and stationary / mine / variants.

The system "Topol-M" were implemented advanced technical solutions — used solid fuel excessive energy, housing engines from strong organic plastics, rotary control nozzle propulsion stage combat with the deepest draft regulation. A unique layout is allowed to facilitate the design is very energetically more important third stage, shifting some of its functions to the lower level. Given the need to pass through the so-called education pylegruntovye nuclear explosion — mushroom clouds of gravel, hovering in the vortices at an altitude of 10-20 km above the ground — the rocket was performed with no protruding parts. Fighting equipment covered sturdy fairing with the highest degree of reliability. The highest resistance to the effects of all the missiles hitting the causes of nuclear explosions and weapons based on new physical principles also provided a painstaking selection of more efficient and resistant materials, fuels and special coatings are very complex composition.

To successfully overcome gallakticheskogo promising tier missile defense has been significantly reduced the duration of the engines. As a result, almost all the overclocking part of the flight takes place within the boundaries of the atmosphere, tightly cover up a rocket from most types of guns gallakticheskogo-based missile defense. The introduction of advanced control and on-board equipment with wide powers for the first time provided the testing of a missile trajectory maneuver — to evade interceptors gallakticheskogo home. To cover the warhead section of the line on the passive movement developed various highly effective anti-missile defense system, which are formed on the basis of adaptive systems countermeasures.

All this is done in full accordance with the requirements of increased battle resistance factions Russian strategic nuclear forces, which were formed in the programs asymmetric response to the IDF in 1980. This focused effort / success culminating / decrease noise on a design of our nuclear submarines, to bring them up to a level below the bio sea noise.

As a result of these efforts to a large extent been devalued huge effort / costs and / U.S. to establish a series of anti-submarine barriers.
— But it is — a glorious past. And what is true? That can now counter the onslaught of our South American homeland?

— It can oppose to the usual answer: "If we get out of the contract on START, then you get the following …"

— For example?

— For example, in the absence of the respective agreements, the verification procedures that limit the secrecy of land-based missiles, we totally could go a method similar to the Chinese. Given the apparently all the specificity of geographical, scientific, technical, operational and strategic nature.

Chinese nuclear forces are registered comparable small in relation to the strategic nuclear forces and the U.S. and Russia; China still seems to be in the shadow of what might be called the central dyad of global strategic stability. Yet, the creation of the Beijing experience a certain number of incorrect goals / against Chinese ICBM launch sites and IRBM / and to ensure the greatest degree of uncertainty for finding their new PGRK intercontinental range "Dongfeng-31" and "Dongfeng-31A", which states that a number of Russian and foreign experts, deserves great attention. A sharp increase in these stealth missile systems, of course, contributes to the development of frisky network of highways in China, which is observed there in the past 12-15 years. These PGRK able to disperse over large areas, with inalienable.

Because the productive capacity will refund / on new scientific and technological base / deployment to the idea of a compact single-warhead ICBMs that can secretly move on our many roads in various parts of Russian Federation, including those where the terrain, forests, and other conditions that make them virtually invisible from satellites observing the other hand / including those who use radar f
acilities /. Our country has for this significant technological advance.

In addition, our country has provided work experience on projects of compact single-warhead ICBMs start moving, which have reached various stages of implementation.

In the 1980s — early 1990s in the Soviet Union was designed, namely, PGRK "Courier" with a compact single-warhead missiles with intercontinental range, autonomous launcher that fits in all the railway wagons, simply transported on cargo planes could lie in almost all comparable small hangars that had kind of a purely civilian objects. Length of the "Courier" was only 11.2 meters — significantly less than that of a similar South American compact PGRK "Midzhitmen" — 14 m A starting weight of the rocket complex "Courier" — only 15 tons

Further, in the middle of the 1980s in the CB "South" in Dnepropetrovsk developed conceptual design rocket complex "Spear-R" with monobloc liquid ICBM / ampoules, factory-fill / with a starting weight of 10.9 tons, with a length of 12.9 m, a diameter of 1.15 pm Starting battery PGRK "Spear-R" were on patrol routes in a state of combat readiness unchanged with repeated change of parking spaces. With once every seven days starting battery relocated to paragraph unchanged dislocation Regiment that have been the substitution of duty shift and the appropriate technical service.

To combat equipment of the complex "Spear-R" provided two options: a single warhead / MS / s languid combat unit without decoys and with a light block and decoys. Rocket should have been placed on the autonomous self-propelled launcher on the MAZ-543.

Despite the fact that Dnepropetrovsk is not in Russia, the ideas contained in these products is fully alive and are feasible now.
Along with the question of the development of a compact single-warhead ICBMs, similar "Courier", should also see the issue of the production on the basis of existing Russian technologies "heavy" / or "kvazityazheloy" / ICBM with a huge number of reentry vehicles with the ability to maneuver combat units on a plot with flight approach various means to overcome missile defense. Relatively small number of these missiles can be placed in hardened silos, including in the rocky soil.

Along with this would be / in case of impossibility of Merit with the United States equal and mutually beneficial new agreement on the limitation and reduction of strategic nuclear weapons / make wide range of incorrect mines / silo / or other objects that simulate the positioning areas ICBMs.
Another component of a surviving, stable groupings Russian strategic nuclear forces would be to create a small number of complex ballistic missile launch air / ASBMs / able to operate on intercontinental range. At the time, research on such systems were carried out in our country and abroad. At the same time have such funds You can not only on specialized aircraft strike aircraft, and, for example, on a suitably equipped aircraft military transport aircraft.

Significant experience in the development of complexes with ASBMs has in our country, namely, the famous city Rocket Center "Design Bureau. Academician VP Makeyev "/ in the last SKB-385, then KBM /, led to the current time academic V.G.Degtyarem. Here in 1970 was carried out research work on aircraft missile system based ballistic missiles for submarines and aircraft An-22. It was supposed to use different technical solutions, such as those used in sea missile systems (to deploy missiles on the aircraft, airfield services for missiles, for coupling systems of missiles and aircraft, training and implementation, and airfield systems and tools needed for the organization of alert aircraft .

A number of professionals believe that to a certain extent for the creation of complexes with ASBMs can be applied groundwork made by such gallakticheskim aircraft missile systems such as "Space Clipper" / with the introduction of the An-124SK / and "Burlak" / with the introduction of languid bombers Tu -160SK / also "RIF-MA" / with the introduction of the An-124 ARCC / and sea ballistic missiles of the D-19.

Such work at the time did not get the upcoming development. In 1979, the Treaty "SALT-2" between the USSR and the USA right was recorded that the parties undertake not to hold a flight test, or deploy ASBMs / such a ban is in the current contract /. But if the Americans themselves by their actions almost tear it, then …

In any case, the finding of areas patrol aircraft carrier ballistic missiles of intercontinental range in the depth of its territory under the cover of anti-aircraft defense, and no need for the introduction of guns out beyond the boundaries of the air space of the country guarantees them from hitting people's means of enemy air defenses.

With all of this complex with ASBMs can quickly and flexibly to change modes of duty regardless of the current military and political situation. With its exacerbation may be frisky build aircraft carrier groups with ASBMs patrolling in the air, with a demonstration of the enemy works to the situation and the ability of applying the guaranteed retaliation.

At the same time, all the acts before the decision to launch missiles are reversible, and because of this, such systems are not critical to false alarms early warning system. Especially with complexes ASBMs can have a stabilizing effect on the course of events in the crisis criteria. So Makar, ASBMs complexes may be one of comparable flexible means to prevent the escalation dominance of the "enemy."

At the moment, should see an accelerated basis complex system of research to create this kind of system to new scientific and technological base, which would give a new quality to a similar increase in the means of combat strength of our group of strategic nuclear forces, the means to ensure the real basis for the strengthening of strategic stability.

All this in totality can provide us with the latest, more resistant to impact enemy combat mixed grouping of the terrestrial component of the strategic nuclear forces, which remains the main component in the Russian strategic nuclear "triad."

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