In the Russian Federation will have its impact and reconnaissance UAV

Russia will have its impact and reconnaissance UAVUAVs — aircraft apparatus no person on board, a colloquial name — Drone (from the British word Drone — drone).

The story begins with the history of the drone aircraft, enthusiasts have already come up with fantastic flying machines without people on board. Most first UAV, the ancestors of modern drones, have appeared in the 30s of the 20th century. Before the second World War, perfectly new UAVs are in the UK. A bit later, Nazi Germany makes missiles FAA, which at that time were the product of revolutionary technologies. The postwar years were a time of rapid development of cruise missiles, the favorites were the Russian Alliance and the United States of America. By the end of the second millennium, the favorite in the development of unmanned vehicles is the U.S., Russian Alliance for obvious reasons, actually stopped the development of not only the drones, and all weapons in general.

Classified by remotely piloted drones, automatic and uncontrollable and are separated according to weight features:
— up to 10 kg, height of flight less than 1 kilometer, the flight time up to 1 hour;
— up to 50 kg, altitude up to 3 km, the flight time up to 3 hours;
— up to 1000 kg, altitude up to 10 km, the flight time up to 12 hours;
— languorous, 20 km altitude, the flight time more than a day.

The introduction and use of vehicles and boats as a universal tool is now of tremendous value. The development of these types of weapons are all intrigued by the country. Now the presence of weapons and unmanned vehicles intends finals of many conflicts.
The undisputed favorite in the development of advanced UAV is the United States, now in all security agencies of America has several thousand drones and drone operators strike for more than 400 people. U.S. intelligence constantly consume and attack drones in all modern military conflicts. In RF due to the unfounded distrust of senior military officials to virtually all new developments, including drones, not only have not been delivered to the army, and did not develop properly tribute. And just now, feeling the absence of defects UAV during the fighting in Chechnya and Georgia, the Ministry of Defence RF began shifts in this direction.

At present, the army of the Russian Federation provided tactical UAV to 50 kg, procured by the Israeli licenses, however, until a small amount, and she desperately needed drums drones for applying precise strikes. Certainly, the Russian Defense Ministry wants to reduce the backlog of such makarom in this area from the western rivals.

Even the Ministry of the Interior does squads UAV to monitor the situation from the air. As reported by the Interior Ministry, 12 units will be created UAV , which will be located in big cities RF, at the moment the drones are used by police forces for special operations and control of the situation in the construction of Olympic facilities.

And on October 11 of this year, the Ministry of Defence announced the start of works on creation of large UAVs, stroke and reconnaissance variants. Once developed drones will be adopted by the Russian army. In the 2-held tenders for research and development work to create a UAV for the Armed Forces defeated the company "Transas" — OCD and "Falcon" — NCI.

The company "Transas" will create UAV weighing up to 1,000 kg, the project is estimated at 65 million dollars, and the company "Falcon" will create a UAV weighing up to 5000 kg, the project is estimated at 32 million dollars.

As it became clear the two companies entered into a strategic agreement under which they will engage in the creation of both UAVs together. "Transas" will deal with the main issues to be established management system for both samples, and the "Falcon" will be engaged in the construction of their own UAVs and ground-based launchers. By the way, the company "Transas" has the experience of creation of unmanned aerial vehicles, in its record of the list is designed reconnaissance drone strike "Watch-600", which is on all the main features are not inferior to rival South American MQ-1 «Predator».

According to the agreement with the Ministry of Defence, both companies need to make cell phones, absolutely ready to launch into mass creation, but at first drones will be flying and fighting tests.

In the ongoing strategic exercises "Center-2011" Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, referring to the command of formations and units of the Interior Ministry and the Federal Drug Control Service, said that the RF necessary drones of its own production, and not someone else's, which were flying in passing maneuvers.

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