In the Russian military intelligence now the new chief

In the Russian military intelligence has a new chiefAs confirmed by the Sun in the Defense Ministry of weird story with a change of head of the GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate), finally over. Alexander Shlyakhturov was shifted to the above post, but instead he was appointed by presidential decree Igor SERGUN (Major General).

As reported by "Interfax" referring to the statement by Igor Konashenkova (representative of the War Department) Gen.-Colonel A. Shlyakhturov (His age '63), Was removed from his post and transferred to the in store, so as headed for the age limit for military service.
Earlier, about the fate of A. Shlyahturova came various conflicting information. For example, a little earlier, "Kommersant" (newspaper), Wrote about his "retirement." "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" on Mon denied the report, citing unofficial sources in the GRU, stating that Gen.-Colonel A. Shlyakhturov "the possibilities no one gave, and as before strolling to the service."

Last Saturday, the newspaper "Kommersant" has announced that the head of the Russian military intelligence has left its own post. This point was approved as a fait accompli. In addition, the publication stresses that A. Shlyahturovu was offered another post, namely: it sort of has to change Vladimir Popovkin (Managing Roscosmos), finishing his post of chairman of the Board of Directors of "MIT Corporation" (the developer of strategic missile complexes in the set which missiles and "Mace").

It should be noted that the publication urged, as if General A. Shlyakhturov enjoys unquestioning trust Anatoly Serdyukov (Defence Minister), and he, in turn, requires its own people at MIT, so how this company in the year 20011 came into conflict with the military department with respect Prices of manufactured products.

It is understood that in 2009 A. Shlyakhturov led GRU, with all this succeeding own particular head Valentine Korabel'nikova, which by the way, at the age of 63 years, was fired at in store. But for service in the Armed Forces of the limit age for the generals is 60 years old. In this position, as the «», A. Shlyakhturov remembered that held a large-scale reorganization, through which of the 8 teams left the GRU only 5 also fired about a thousand officers. In today's 2011, in August, A. Shlyahturovu assigned another rank: Colonel-General.

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