In the U.S., an incredible two-headed snake found

September 26, 2012 9:20

Savannah Logan and her brother Preston found at his home in South Carolina (USA), an incredible two-headed snake. And it was not like a snake, and even not so. Second head it located where the conventional snake is the tail!

Serpent "Tyanitolkay" was small in stature, but at each of its head is working eye and tongue.

The public learned about the snake when the children brought her to school to show off to their peers. Teachers temporarily took their animal and sent to the Department of Biology at the nearby school Ware Shoals High School. It identified the kind of snake it was too earthy (Virginia striatula).

Mother kids Tina Stewart (Tina Stewart) said in an interview with local television that one snake's head appeared larger and was apparently "working", although control of the body could take two heads:

— One head can move in one direction and the other in another.

Excavation snakes are not dangerous to humans, these small snakes feed on earthworms and are not poisonous. At the moment, the snake was returned to the family of the Stuarts and the children argue, how to give her name. Preston wants to call her Billy Bob, and Savannah Logan chose the name more beautiful and wants to be called grass snake Oreo.

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