Indigo messengers devil?

Now a lot said and written about the so-called indigo children who have appeared on the light at the end of the twentieth century. So who are they, indigo children? The word "indigo children" appeared after the aura was examined these unusual children. It turned out that, unlike the others, they have it in dark blue — indigo.

American psychologist Lee Carroll in shape, size, color, and light intensity of the aura found that indigo in his intellectual abilities and knowledge assets far exceeded not only their peers, but also to their own parents. The main feature of these children is that, despite their young age, they are already talking about its great mission in the world.

Geniuses and Villains

If initially the Indigo children have been the personification of genius and spiritual purity, then eventually the world spoke of them as the "antiindigo" about "the devil incarnate." According to psychologists and experts who study these children, indigo, are divided into two categories: the geniuses and villains, and the middle ground is not here! And some of the indigo-villains mission sees only to cleanse the land of the human "garbage." But that's how?

The majority of these children, despite the fact that they are still small, is already formed stable inner peace. In their view, if a person is poor, it should be easy to destroy. And they kill! On the education of these children do not have to speak at all — they just do not give in to him. For indigo there is no authority, no law or those who stand in his guard. And if you still resort to the procedure of education by force, even "mediocre" kids will be very real devil incarnate.

Tell parents antiindigo

Most of these fiends can tell their parents. For example, a three-year boy with the power to adult, breaking everything that comes to hand. Parents react to the comments of the same sentence: "I will still kill you all." Some time later, the father of this child died in rather mysterious circumstances. Despite the fact that the perpetrator of this incident is not set, the wife of the deceased had no doubt what was going on. She is confident that her son — an unearthly creature and cold with terror as he looks into her eyes strangely unblinking.

Another woman, Valentina, his offspring Igorka was afraid of another 4 years of age. He has the same incredible strength for his age. Sometimes it appears even the feeling that this is not a child and an adult man. It is also felt in his eyes and in his actions. Igor could pinch Valentina and her friends to his chest or slap on the behind and laugh at the same rough voice low. One woman even said that he was afraid that he ever raped her. When Igor went to the first class, in some odd way punished teacher that made him remark. With unknown diagnosis and at 40 she was in intensive care.

Nadia brings her daughter to one, and even then works three jobs. One "beautiful" day she tired, came home from work and asked Dashenka make her tea. Daughter diligently performed her request and gave a cup of tea. Barely touching the cup lips, she felt a strange taste. Fortunately, some wise Nadia quietly drained tea, which she did. At the bottom of the glass is a thick layer of poorly soluble rat poison. Because indigo children almost deceived quickly found out that the girl has promised to poison his girlfriend's mother to death after they had lived together.

True fiends

So, indigo children are aware of their special mission, and, if it is executed on their way obstacles arise, they just clean them out of the way. To achieve its high-end Indigo not stop at nothing. This is shown and then appeared in the media: Students of primary or secondary school shot classmates and teachers. These children have completed their "mission" and could smell blood, can continue to go on the corpses. New, but has not yet formally established science indigologiya argues that all such children — indigo.

There were so many children, in many countries, sounded the alarm. Their brutality and cruelty is quite impossible to explain, she does not know borders. Thus, the statistics of shootings of students and teachers in American schools, and not only in the U.S., says it all. Another school killers initially set out to kill as many of their peers. After graduating as his massacre, many of them shot himself, thus not giving clear reasons for their actions. However, studies have shown that most often they are killed without any motive. Here are just a few small examples.

March 2005. Red Lake, a town in the state of Minnesota: 9 people killed, 15 wounded. After doing his "mission" of the 15-year-old Jeff Wise shot.

November 20, 2006, the German city of Emsdetten. 18-year-old boy broke into his former school and opened fire. When finished shooting, the young man shot himself. As a result of this carnage were injured 37 people.

November 2007. A student of a school in the Finnish town of Tuusula Eric Auvinen shot eight students, including the school principal. When police arrived, he opened fire on them and. Last bullet Auvinen shot himself in the head and later died in hospital. Eric made a plan before the shooting, which gave the name "Central stroke." As for the acquisition of a gun, then Eric was in a hunting club, was tried and had the right to acquire arms.

March 2009. A young man, dressed in camouflage, entered the school of another German city Vinnenberga and started shooting. Twelve people were killed. Will not rest killer continued his bloody adventures in another place, having shot three more people. As a result, the criminal was killed in a shootout with police.

17-year-old girl from San Diego (Calif.) shortly after Christmas has come to the school, got an automatic rifle and opened for students and teachers to the fire. On this day, wounding eight children and one police officer, two teachers were killed. Girl-killer alive. After a little maniac arrested, she said, "I hate Mondays!" It turned out that the gun had been presented to her for Christmas.

Expert evidence

Previously it was thought that indigo children come to earth as messengers of God, to help make a reassessment of spiritual values. Supposedly this is the main mission of the indigo children. However, the Church does not agree with this. It is in this respect the opinion: unmanaged, possessed children — are not gifted, and children of those unfortunate people who have committed too many sins. Now, these children are given a reason for the positive, then negative for supra. Who and why sticking to indigo such labels? Here is the answer to this question: "There is no God give grace to this child — naughty, evil, irritability, crushes under her parents. This means that the "gifts" they are not from God but from Satan. "

"Most of the people from the fatal step was stopped universal principles, moral or Biblical prohibitions

Indigo Children — real-life phenomenon, although it is still not recognized by official science. And they just need to learn — if only because it is antiindigo recently started to "make the weather" in the criminal world. How could they resist, how to defend against them? Psychics and clairvoyants are encouraging: indigo stay on earth is short. You just need to wait and hope.

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