Individual frequency of vibration. Increasing the frequency of vibration monitoring of the Earth

Every person, being a set of vibrations of particles, molecules, cells, organs, has its own distinct frequency vibrations.

The cumulative frequency depends on many factors: the state of the body, the quality of food, bad habits, hygiene, communication with the environment, climate, time of year, the quality of the senses, purity of thoughts … and dr.faktorov.

Man with light vibrations — one that is constantly in a state of inner joy, serenity, peace, love, and peace within themselves. He feels comfortable, unnecessarily it is in harmony with the world and with himself. In such a state of equilibrium, the body and all the endocrine glands are working smoothly, and, respectively, and their subordinate organs, tissues and cells.

Reduce the frequency of vibration is very negative human emotions: fear, jealousy, anger, greed … any improper action, the bad thoughts and feelings pollute appropriate body aggravate them, and the person begins to vibrate at lower chastotah.Esche there is the expression "heavy soul", " dirty mind "- it also speaks of the low-frequency vibrations of the soul and mind.

Fate of those who "sounds low" to cope with in life with adverse events, negative situations.
What greater love is filled with people, the more he is free and happy, the more healthy the physical body, the more coherent body of his sound vibrations. The totality of all these vibrations and determine the internal sound man.

A state of joy and happiness comes with a large opening of the spiritual qualities. A person in good health, great relationships with people, you need material support, expanded creativity. His condition extends to surrounding, relatives, friends, brighten their lives, and may have an impact on the world.

While in this state, a person shapes his destiny, harmoniously interact with the world and Vselennoy.On live and enjoy life! It can solve the problem and higher. This is — the man the Creator. With the increasing frequency of vibration, the person becomes more free, there are talents, undisclosed capacity, improves health, health and potential.
According to test results, at present, the lowest vibration present in the range of:
above 0 and up to 2.7 Hz;

1. lower — and more than 2.7 to 9.7 Hz;
2. low — more than 9.7 and up to 26 Hz;
3. high — over 26 and up to 56 Hz;
4. higher — more than 56 and up to 115 Hz;
5. the highest — more than 115 and up to 205 Hz;
6. (Over 205 Hz — crystal vibrations or vibrations of a new, six races on the planet Earth).

When there are destructive vibrations?

It turns out, they appear ucheloveka as a result of his negative personality traits or emotions.

* Mount gives vibration — from 0.1 to 2 Hz;
* Fear of 0.2 to 2.2 Hz;
* Resentment — from 0.6 to 3.3 Hz;
* Irritation — from 0.9 to 3.8 Hz,;
* Outrage — from 0.6 to 1.9 Hz;
* Self — gives maximum vibration 2.8 Hz;
* Temper (anger) — 0.9 Hz;
* Flash of fury — 0.5 Hz; anger — 1.4 Hz;
* Pride — 0.8 Hz, honor — 3.1 Hz;
* Neglect — 1.5 Hz;
* Superiority — 1.9 Hz,
* Sorry — 3 Hz.

If a person lives feelings, it has a completely different vibration:

* Line — from 38 Hz and above.
* Acceptance of the world as it is, without anger and other negative emotions — 46 Hz;
* Generosity — 95 Hz;
* Vibration gratitude (thanks) — 45 Hz;
* Heartfelt gratitude — from 140 Hz and above;
* Unity with other people — 144 Hz and above;
* Compassion — from 150 Hz and above, (a pity only 3 Hz);
* Love is called a head that is, when a person realizes that the love of a good, light feeling and great strength, but my heart still love nepoluchaetsya — 50 Hz;
* Love that person generates his heart to any and all people and all living things — from 150 Hz and above;
* Love is unconditional, sacrificial, adopted in the universe — from 205 Hz and above.

So the person is successful in life, when his average vibration persisted between 70 Hz and above. Unfortunately, except for rare items, most of humanity has in their subtle bodies full range of destructive vibrations and far from the norm, a small amount of creative vibration.
From the above material can be simple conclusion: accept the world as it is, to live with a love for people, nature, home planet, directing their activities and thoughts on the creation (as the idea man can do) — that's the key to health and success.

The frequency of vibration of land on 21 November 2012 — 13.52 Hz.

On October 21, 2012 -13.37 Hz.

On September 21, 2012 — 13.25 Hz.

On August 21, 2012 — 13.1 Hz.

On July 21, 2012 — 13.0 Hz.

On June 25, 2012 — 12.8 Hz.

May 18, 2012 -12.5 Hz.

As of January 2012 — 11.1 Hz.

With a frequency of vibration of the crystal mind of the Earth 13.83 Hz expected change of poles and a quantum leap!

CRYSTAL human mind and its frequency.

The frequency of vibration of the crystal mind is the most important characteristic of the level of consciousness, where one hertz is crucial. It reflects the frequency of the multidimensional sampling survey of incoming signals and determines the truth and accuracy of perception. The frequency of vibration of the crystal mind — it is a reflection of the spiritual level attained by Man.

In Jesus Christ, the vibration frequency on the average, people had 7 Hz. (Earth-7, 8 Hz). Peter grew up to 16 Hz, the Apostle Paul — 17.5 Hz., John the Baptist had 47 Hz., And Jesus Christ himself had a frequency of vibration of the crystal mind 105 Hz.

In anticipation of the loop quantum jumps people started to wake up spiritually.

Home awakening 14 Hz. Awakens 15.5 Hz., Spiritually awakened above 18 Hz.

Before 1995, people had an average frequency of vibration of the crystal mind 8 Hz. (Earth — 7.8 Hz frequency known as the Schumann resonance).

Next, both the frequency began to grow rapidly:

-In January 2000 the average people — 9.2 Hz. (Earth — 9.3 Hz.)
-In January 2007 the average people — 9.7 Hz. (Earth — 9.8 Hz.)

-In January 2012 the average people — 11.3 Hz. (Earth — 11.1 Hz.)

On 07/01/12 the average frequency of vibration of the crystal mind people — 12.1 Hz.

On 07/21/12 the average frequency of vibration of the crystal mind people — 12.6 Hz.

On 08/21/12 the average frequency of vibration of the crystal mind people — 13.1 Hz.

On 21/09/12 the average frequency of vibration of the crystal mind of people — 13.2 Hz.

People seeking to move into a new reality, you need to get ahead of increased frequency of vibration of the Earth conscious raising its frequency of vibration of the crystal mind.

If at the time of transfer (quantum leap) people do not raise the vibration of the mind to 15.5 Hz., The probability of a quantum transition to a new multi-dimensional reality of the Earth for them drastically reduced. For a natural transition (ie, without undue hardship and tribulations) the desired frequency of vibration of the crystal mind for more than 19 Hz.

At low frequency vibrations of the crystal mind people dominated the animal — the material state of consciousness. These people can not even understand (not realize) that man is composed of spirit, soul and body …

In January 2012, the people (on average) is found in animals (material) state of consciousness by 78%, ie in the human state of consciousness by only 22%. By July 2012 the animal state of consciousness decreased to 70%, and by the end of August — 69%. Those who enter a new multi-dimensional reality of the Earth will be in the animal state of consciousness is not more than 38% (at the time of the quantum leap in December 2012) and the 2018 people following the Transfiguration in the physical body, the animal will be in the state of consciousness an average of 15%.

The real rescue of people from leaving the physical plane of the Earth is only Transfiguration of anthropoid status (physically) to the state-Man Creator …

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