Instead of Prague — Orsha, instead of Golden Sands — Narach

The absence of a free market of foreign currency has become a big problem for those Belarusian citizens who were about to go on holiday abroad. Although the travel companies do not refuse to take the Belarusian ruble, but make a list of prygetym at the rate of 5,000 rubles or more for one dollar (almost two times higher than the official rate of the National Bank). In addition, virtually all of the Belarusian banks have imposed restrictions on foreign exchange transactions with bank cards abroad.

How much will go to this year's holiday Belarusian tourists, found out the regional correspondent of "Freedom."

Vitebsk Region

Sad adventures were in Russian children by tourists from Vitebsk Region

Teacher of Vitebsk schools told how shastsiklyasnikav used to take on a trip to Smolensk. This is the closest major Russian city of Vitebsk, and these tours for school used to be very popular. But now that the Russian ruble in exchange have the same deficiency as the rest of the currency, the teacher and the kids had a hard time traveling:

"We just say one state! But yesterday went on a tour. And I bought myself no buns, no cream, no suvenirchyka. We were looking for a free toilet, because not every child had the 10 rubles. Looking for free and free — almost there. That's where the problem has been a problem! "

The teacher had foreseen the problem and tried to buy Russian money before the trip to have them at least for the most thorough needs. But this is not possible:

"When was the official rate, then it's too much currency, and even I with my card, which in Belarusian rubles, dollars could pull off — supposedly I buy them. But in reality, now under exchangers are students and those who would like to go on vacation or just to visit relatives … And what will happen next — is not clear. "

Mrs. Victoria promised his son a trip to Prague, where he goes to school. And almost a year collecting the money by buying dollars with each paycheck:

"On the guided tour raised money for almost a year, and here it happened …"

"We started to collect the money collected for nearly a year, but here it all happened … I certainly plan to go to a travel agency, ask: Can we just open the visa. And we have something under their own power, spend the night somewhere in the dormitory … Or take two sleeping yes paprosimsya in a church that was allowed to sleep on the floor. Do not start up? Start up, I think … But for a full tour with nutrition and rest, we do not expect. "

Our "budget option": instead of Prague to visit Kiev, and if not — then go to Orsha.

Victoria told me that his son, who already understands the circumstances is offered "budget option" — did not go to Prague, but at least in Kiev. However, by the summer, and these tours can appreciate:

"If we have enough money, you can go to Ukraine. Well, if not — is it going to Orsha. Mother's sister lives there, it is possible to live completely free of charge .. Well — Belarusian beautiful city. "

Grodno region

Currency price in a travel agency: Euro — almost 8,000 rubles, U.S. — 5500

Grodno tour operators still do not give a specific answer, as the tourist season begins in a currency crisis.

In the travel agencies in the region are reluctant to talk about how they have now sold out tour. However, do not hide the dark mood, and about the lack of currency. Here is what the director of one of the Grodno travel agencies.

Mrs."Of course, the problems started, currencies do not sell it at all or not. So people come to us less, and that will continue — is unknown. "

Her colleague has to go to any site travel agency and look at how much there is recalculated in Euro currency.

So people come to us less, and that will continue — is unknown.

Mrs."Euro we have is about eight thousand, and the dollar — five and a half, it is disadvantageous for clients course. Who can then buy somewhere else. All reinsured, and if you want to pay for the Belarusian, the only such course. "

I ask — in which countries you are buying vouchers?

Mrs."Traditionally — in the Crimea and Bulgaria to Turkey — the smaller, Egipet — too less, as pabayvayutstsa even go there. There are coaches in Italy and the Czech Republic, but some customers. "

In another travel agency at the beginning of the season are looking more optimistic, saying that sold all tourist and sanatorium visits to Belarusian health resorts. Director of the agency does not upset the situation.

Mr."You know, we are having a normal process of this period, and I can not even say it is worse or better. Reviews from normal people, people come to us. But we as a tour operator has become more complex as it has to pay for the currency, that we're fighting. "

Agencies frightening uncertainty about the development of the foreign exchange market in Belarus

The problem is, as I said one of the officers of firms, there is no clarity as to how the situation will develop in the currency of the country.

Mrs."So, it was a little worse. Everything was wary, but let's hope. I must say that cheap tours take, and what is more expensive — not so … . "


Will not go on vacation, because there is no money

Foreign holidays for the residents of the city this summer might be a big question. Travel agencies are working at the rate of 5,000 rubles per dollar. Only a few tour operators working at the exchange rate of the National Bank, but this work is still at a loss. They also increase expected.

A spokeswoman Brest travel company "Janka" said her company believes for one dollar of about five thousand rubles. In such circumstances, a holiday in Europe is not available for residents:

To date, we just wait until we sit without work.

"We work in the same way as many firms in Minsk. To date, we just wait until we sit without work. We hope that, maybe even after the holidays, there will be tourists. In general, I think this summer will only rest in the Crimea. European countries are clearly not be in demand and are available as in the past year. "

Manager of a travel company «Sunny Travel» recognizes that today work is at a loss. To determine the exchange rate is working extremely hard. But the prices are sure to rise, says a representative of the company:

"We have been working at the exchange rate of the National Bank. But we assume that we assume the dollar 3800-4100 rubles. Work this year is much harder than last year. Demand special is waiting. Usually ride those who have the money. In general, if you take the last few years, people over and over again less travel on vacation. "

A resident of Brest: "We need to survive, and not think about the rest"

Almost all representatives of tourist companies Brest say that the number of tourists decreased. This is attributed to the situation on the currency market. License to operate a single currency are firm. Many citizens also say that we must survive, and not think about the rest, says visitor travel company "Caravan" Leonid:

"One can understand the tour operators. Insecurity and creates these mythical courses in 5000-6000 rubles per dollar. How is it possible to work here when there
is no confidence in the future? . "

The leader of the regional branch of the "Free Trade" Valentin Lazarenkov says that some firms are beginning to consider the dollar even 6,000 rubles. Therefore, at issue is not just a summer vacation, but the profile and treatment:

"Voucher for treatment in Ukraine is around 380 U.S. dollars. We hope that we can send our people in the nursing home. But today, when the dollar is worth about 5,000 rubles, or even more, such prices — are not available. People will not go for recreation, not because they do not want, but because they have no money. "


Trips to holiday abroad this year bought 50% less

Reducing the number wanting to go on holiday abroad and increase the cost of a tour — in such circumstances, a travel agency and Mogilev.

Compared to last year's period, the number of permits, purchased at travel agencies, dropped by fifty percent. Situation explains the head of one of the Mogilev travel companies:

As long as the dollar is unstable, we have to work very hard. Which it will, this is not essential. The main thing is that it is stable.

"Rest rose strongly. If, for example, rest on the Moscow tour operators in the same Turkey or Egipet, the tour operator takes on a very high rate — 5,000 per dollar and the euro — for 5700. Our Belarusian tour operators sell tours to Europe — is taken rate of National Bank plus thirty-five percent. It's just a shock to our visitors enters. "

Reporter"This situation seems to be typical of the whole tourism market?".

"Yes. As long as the dollar is unstable, we have to work very hard. Which it will, this is not essential. The main thing is that it is stable. "

Reporter"This situation could lead to the closure of travel agencies? '.

"Yes. And not only agencies, but also the major tour operators. Which can calculate something wrong or not to invest there. "

Expensive trips and holidays in Belarus

And more expensive trips to rest homes in Mogilev. Why? Explained to the employee of a local health centers:

"Increasing the cost of food. Then, the tariffs are rising for electricity for heating. The water has risen. All of our expenses went up by thirty percent. We sent for approval to the Ministry of Health. "

From high-priced tickets to local motels happens, refuse and foreigners — the Russians. The level of service, according to some of them do not match the price of permits.

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