Instead of the action — the police

Vitebsk Regional Coordinator of the "For Freedom" Christopher Zhelyapova summoned to the police. He refused to go without a summons for a conversation "about the inadmissibility of the unauthorized action" for the anniversary of the accident at Chernobyl.

Christopher Zhelyapau said he was summoned to the office on the phone and set up a meeting on the First Department of Internal Affairs at the Seventeenth 00. Meanwhile at 17.30 on Freedom Square in Vitebsk expected to gather local activists to jointly take an appeal to the governments of Russia and Belarus on the inadmissibility of building a new, Ostrovetskaya plant.

Just This event was the reason for the pre-emptive call to the police station, said Christopher Zhelyapau:

"I began to reproach, that I have been through the independent media to invite residents of Vitebsk on the unauthorized action. We have made an application to the Railway district administration, we were allowed to hold a memorial service at the Park of Culture and Rest of railwaymen, but we were refused on frivolous reasons. Explain all this to the police I will be only when I will send the official agenda. "

Mr. Zhelyapau convinced that in his May Day call for the police department, that he did not get to a meeting at 17.30 with like-minded people.

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