Interior KCR received new cars

Today, the main square of the republic in Cherkessk divorce was the personnel of the teaching staff. After marching and marching drill review of personnel PPP, ATM traffic police and other departments of the Interior Ministry on KCR by Sq. Them. Lenin's Interior Minister Zhaudat Ahmethanov-handed police drivers PPP OMVD Russia in the Circassian keys of new company cars "UAZ Hunter." 

Carport units added to the 16 units of vehicles, in addition, the Interior Ministry convoy on KCR got two cars "Gas" for transportation of detained persons. Transport to the country entered the target areas of the Russian Interior Ministry. "The main thing in police work — officers are honest, professional and dignified modern technical equipment. For 7 months of you, faculty members of the Interior Ministry of Russia in the Circassian, 84 crimes solved by finding 15 missing persons and criminals, allow about 5,000 administrative protocols "- said the Minister of Interior police work on KCR Zhaudat Ahmethanov. As the press service of the Ministry of Interior in KCR, like updating the fleet ATS KCR is not the first time in recent years: previously received a brand new company cars ABOUT DPS traffic police on KCR, the attendants of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs departments at the district level and other units ATS KCR.  


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