Irkutsk scientists construct devices for earthquake prediction

The problem of earthquake prediction is acute in the world and is a complex physical process. Long-and medium-term forecasts are successfully implemented, the operational forecast is nowhere in the world do not know how.

However, scientists Irkutsk Technical University created a special radio receiving equipment, to study the characteristics of electromagnetic fields in the range of extra-long waves, assess the possible allocation of electromagnetic precursors of earthquakes and the use of these data for operational forecast.

The project "Monitoring of geophysical fields in order to study their nature and due to seismic activity in the area of Lake Baikal" scientists are engaged in more than 10 years.

Radio receiving equipment has a unique effect on seismic station "Melt" in Clyudyanke. Plans to expand the network of measuring stations on existing seismic stations. On the Baikal territory now includes more than 30 seismic stations. In the near future deployment of equipment is planned for another three points.

Attention ISTU doing and other developments in the direction of predicting earthquakes, including fluxmeter model for measuring the electrostatic field, a mathematical model for the generation of an electric field during earthquakes and different methods of data processing, the press service of the university.

Perhaps, after the dashing 90th in the former Soviet Union and there was a lull in the science, but its development, as it is clear from the article, beginning to gain momentum. Our people have always been known for his inventions. One can think of those crafts that are skillful masters created their own hands, not to mention the technical means available to modern scientists!

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