Is there a Berdymuhamedava money for Lukashenko?

One of the possible topics discussed during the visit of President of Belarus to Turkmenistan — credit. Turkmenistan — one of the world's largest gas exporters. But whether he has the spare cash right now? With this question, we turned to the analyst Turkmen service of our radio Nazar Hudayberdyeva.

As he is now in Ashgabat with money — serious problems.

In Turkmenistan, the first is very complicated relationship with "Gazprom", which dramatically reduced the purchase of Turkmen gas. If, before 2008 Russia to buy 45 billion cubic meters of Turkmen gas a year, now only 10-11 billion. Turkmenistan threatened to sue the "Gazprom" in international arbitration for breach of contractual obligations. Although there is a conflict supposedly settled, shipments to Russia sharply reduced. Turkmenistan is also selling 20 billion cubic meters of gas to Iran, 8000000000 — to China, but this, together with the supply of gas in Russia is less than 2008 Only in Russia.

Second Turkmenistan recently received a loan from China in the amount of 4.1 billion dollars in the account of gas supply.

The third was a scandal in the country with Turkish investors. By the authorities, they were denied the opportunity to work in the country. For work done Turkish firms have not received the Turkmen authorities the amount of approximately billion, Turkish investors who intend to charge through international arbitration.

All of these facts, the opinion of Mr. Hudayberdyeva indicate that Turkmenistan now he is in a difficult financial situation, and even if the president Berdymuhamedava and there a great desire to help the Belarusian counterpart, the money it will have to search long.

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