It's just a massacre of political opponents

The trial of Dmitri Bondarenko comment on human rights activists and politicians.

Human rights activist Ales Bialiatski could not go to court because they did not have enough seats. He said that the room is small and almost half was filled with members of the Youth Union. Before the trial it was a hundred, but fell into the room of about fifteen. Started the first few diplomats and journalists. How does Ales Bialiatski before the next dispensation week over protesters on December 19?

"Repression continues. And this should be the wake-up call for all of the Belarusian civil society. Power through the courts to frighten civil society. We must not give in to this. Charges is illegal. And against Bondarenko, in which case they will not stand up to scrutiny and is not in line with what has been committed. This is a political court, and the decision will also be a political sentence. And do not hide behind the authorities such terrible words, such as terrorism, riots and so on. It's just a massacre of political opponents. "

As stated by the wife of the defendant's policy Olga Bondarenko, she does not think her husband guilty of what he is charged with.

"I immediately said that waiting for that today, it will go home, right out of the courtroom. But something he somehow did not really believe in it, apparently. Waved on this head, it is not. We'll see. "

Olga says that Dmitri was in good health and looks worse than at the time of the last goodbye. But talk to him in the courtroom was not allowed. Olga said that the prosecutor asked the witness at the trial navodnyya questions, although nobody fixes.

"Obviously in order to give correct readings, they have shown during the interrogation video recordings indicated: here, you see, it was so and so. It's already in a few the man wasand inconsistencies in the testimony. There are already a number of inconsistencies. And apparently pushing all, calling the names of the three presidential candidates: Sannikov, Statkevich and Uss. That is clearly seen in what are. Judge my husband, and seduces all the time on how candidates communicate with someone that said, and as called for. "

According to the activists of the Young Front Anastasia Palazhanka, who is under house arrest, "power demonstrates how she wants to punish the people that they knew and feared."

Of course, all these people should be free, and I hope that soon the way it happens.

"This is even more important for him amid all the events that are taking place in the country. Against the backdrop of the economic crisis, currency rush, total fear after the campaign. It enhances the image and shows that in all things he has the situation under control, which it considers appropriate. This is a regular preventive detention, criminal courts. Of course, all these people shall be at liberty, and I hope that soon the way it happens. "

According to the deputy chairman of the United Civil Party Lev Margolin, for the authorities to drop all charges and stop political affairs, as required by the West, would mean "losing face."

"So this is definitely can not go. In addition, they are not in vain they were seized, started this business. They were taken as political hostages. So they will remain: who with great maturity that with less. But they will be as political hostages. I think the power is still going to sell them. "



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