It flies beautifully and looks menacing: test pilots of the Ka-52

Interviews with the crew of the Ka-52 Air Show Le Bourget 2013

— For a biography of his flight you had to drive a lot of types and modifications of domestic helicopters, including the Ka-50 and Mi-28. As you Ka-52?

Cherednicheko:The Ka-52 helicopter is unique — the continuation of the dynasty of the Kamov helicopter gunships, whose predecessor was the Ka-50 "Black Shark". This is his more recent version of the new hardware components, new engines and new opportunities. He kept all Camoe best that has been achieved by helicopter Ka-50 and acquired new features.

— In our attack helicopters to the Ka-52 crew members were located in tandem. The Ka-50 was piloted by you alone. Now you're sitting with a partner shoulder to shoulder. What solution do you think is better?

Cherednychenko:Working together is easier. This is another pair of eyes and hands, it helps, it's a clue. There is such a thing as the allocation of attention — a pilot engaged in piloting, and the second — search, detection, target recognition and the use of weapons. At any moment we can "switch places" in the sense of distribution functions, all systems are fully duplicated. Interaction pilots Ca-52 much better compared with tandem arrangement. A simple example of my flight experience — in the front cabin or disconnected connector ZS headset and lost communication with a partner. Out there it just a link or something happened to him? You do not see that happening to him. We had to use different techniques to somehow get his attention. Here we sit side by side, we see each other, we can track the status of a one, ask for help and do not even need to talk about it on the SPU. We can show the signs, gestures, even pay attention to eye.

 — Tell us about the combat capabilities of the Ka-50

Cherednychenko:Combat capabilities of his contemporary. They correspond to the level of development of military aviation that exists in the world helicopter. On characteristics such as target detection in low visibility conditions, at night, flying with night vision systems, the use of precision weapons — it is on par with the best Western models. Appointment of the Ka-52 — reconnaissance attack helicopter. That is, except for the drums opportunities he still has a set of tools for target detection, target designation for other helicopters and aircraft weapons carriers, which in turn can successfully hit the target Explored them.

— What, in your opinion, is the most unique in the Ka-52?

Cherednychenko:The most unique? The first thing to say about the coaxial-rotor, which gives the helicopter a unique flight characteristics. But the most unique — ejection system, the likes of which I have never seen anywhere else, and that does not apply. The system pilot pulls from almost any situation, whether burning helicopter shot down or destroyed in the air. The pilot did not have to think about how it will open the door, he jumps out, hooked or not a parachute. One move and he is hanging on a parachute straps. The range of use of the system is quite wide, enabling you to eject from almost any of the provisions, including virtually from the ground.

Pavlenko:With a maximum takeoff weight of 10,800 kg Ka-52 is able to take a 2500 kg payload. In fact, the fourth of the weight of a combat load. And one more thing — a reliable 30-millimeter cannon land of BMP. So here we have it 460 shells. Any machine in its class do not have such an arsenal. The gun in the melee — a very effective weapon. And a crucial role to play not only the accuracy of defeat, but the supply of shells.

— We are watching your flights here at Le Bourget. The machine is very maneuverable, with a good thrust. How easy is it to manage it and how it compared to the Mi-28?

Cherednicheko:Mi-28 — the car is interesting and control it effectively enough. But the peculiarities of single-rotor design requires a little more coordination when dealing with the authorities. At the same machines Kamov motion controls directly, like on the airplane (working with some governments do not need to put the other to adjust the flight). The machine is very easy to operate and enjoy the pilots who had never flown on Kamov machines, and in the first flight, they feel quite comfortable — understand that the car listening to them and responding appropriately to their teams.

Pavlenko:All helicopters flying around like the same, but it is only the opinion of the uninitiated professionals. SOSNOV scheme gives an advantage to 10-15% of torque. This improved high-altitude performance, capacity, rate of climb. And yet — the two screws compensate for roll and glide. That is, all single-screw mashishiny fly with a roll of 2-3 degrees. And small slip. Kamovskoye mashinea flies without heel and non-slip in horizontal flight. It seems like a small thing. But it simplifies and improves the piloting of fire — aim and hit accuracy. So, in general, improve the combat characteristics of the machine. These nuances, many turn a blind eye. But out of such details and adds the results and the machine comes out victorious in the battle. In combat conditions, every millimeter of visual angle and each degree of maneuverability and speed every kilometer of this increase chances of winning.

— Here at Le Bourget I kept watching the crowd around the Ka-52, in which a lot of people in the pilot's overalls. What is interesting to your foreign colleagues, as speak about the Russian helicopters?

Cherednychenko:People associated with helicopters and with a summer job, ask professional questions. Clicked their tongues, enthusiastically roll their eyes. The car is worth it — flies beautifully and looks menacing. Let the enemies fear, and friends respected.

— What are your impressions of the whole Air Show Le Bourget 2013?

Cherednychenko:This is my first time at an international show, which is held outside of Russia. First impression — a small summer program at MAKS in Zhukovsky, it is much broader and richer. On the other hand, in addition to an interesting static display, there are many vendors booths aircraft systems and equipment, materials, equipment — all this is very interesting to see. As a helicopter pilot I'm interested in foreign helicopters presented here. Here is a quite extensive range, there is the opportunity to sit in the machines from different manufacturers, especially those that make us competitive. See their successful solutions and not so. After all, the test pilots not only have cars, but also participate in the development of helicopters, from the stage of conceptual design. Such visits are very useful for us, and I believe that they would be useful for Air Force pilots. The pilots of combat employment centers just need to come here and get some experience.

Pavlenko:We should definitely participate in such air shows. First, to correctly position themselves — to understand at what stage we are in, and to track progress and backlog, for that would create their designs at least as good, or better, with the orientation for the future. Because now there is a rapid development of the helicopter. And if by screws, the fuselage concepts are understood, it is on the rapid
development of avionics. I mean, and avionics, human interaction with these systems, and the ergonomics of the cockpit. Today, these areas are paramount. Of course, I am not undermining the dignity of the characteristics of the media, but here we are today is not inferior to Western counterparts. Here it is necessary to continue to work to improve the management, sustainability and automation of the flight.

Roman Gusarov

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