IVF children — children without a mutation?

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Infertility — a serious problem that affects millions of couples. Very often this problem occurs in developed countries — this is due primarily to lifestyle and attitudes prevalent in society. In the modern world it is accepted first seek the material, not family well, so there are cases where the partners begin to try conceive child in a rather late age, when both are 35 and older. However, not every body is able at this time to conceive … In Russia, for example, the phenomenon of infertility according to statistics 15% of families are facing. If you are affected by this problem, we should not give up. There is a solution — IVF — Technology to help conceive!

Unfortunately, many people still believe that such methods are beyond what is permitted, that it is not necessary to use them, as children turn out, be sure to suffer from any disabilities, etc. Meanwhile, in Western countries, IVF has been successfully applied . More than 30 years ago, in 1978, was born the first child conceived "in vitro" — a girl, Louise Brown, who has managed to become a mother herself. By now the world lives about 5 million children born through in vitro conception. Many of them already have children of their own, resulting in a natural way. Yes, and science confirms the assertion that there is no difference — The ongoing worldwide research can not reveal any abnormalities in the development of children conceived in a natural cycle IVF and children. A statistics even concludes that Eco-kids rarely born with Down syndrome in the same, eg.

The fact that the medicine is not in place — referring to the IVF procedure, you also get a chance to identify the different genetic abnormalities in the early stages. Using the method of predimlantatsionnoy diagnosis (PGD) — in the embryo before transfer to a woman's body is taken just one cell. In the chromosomes in her genetics judged on the presence of risk of possible diseases in the unborn child — apparently for bearing only healthy embryos are selected. Therefore, the number of children born by IVF, and at the same time having a congenital genetic abnormalities in our time goes to zero. All experts agree that the main determining factor in this process is the quality of sex cells of potential mothers and fathers. Moreover, because these children are more long-awaited and welcome, the parents usually give them more care, warmth and affection, and attention to their education, education. Thus, in development, they are often ahead of their peers.

IVF intervention in the birth of a child is only at the stage of conception, that is, when a pair of specially selected from the sperm and egg are joined together. The most viable embryos are transferred back into the expectant mother, and then the process flows naturally.

Pregnancy can be diagnosed just two weeks after implantation. The effectiveness of one cycle is 30-35%, which is a very good indicator of all the subsidiary methods. If the first attempt to conceive a child is not successful, experts recommend to repeat the procedure more 1-2 Raza. Then your chances of success will increase by more than two times. Yes, more than 70% of the families were able to be truly happy after 2-3-of-cycle of IVF. Leave doubt — make an appointment with one of the, more than 75 clinics equal!

However, if you are not ready to move so quickly to the point, if you still have doubts, fears, it's worth looking atwhole process side. Program "Virtual Tour ECO" will help you with it! Together with Masha and Misha — heroes of 9 short animated movies you can easily pass through all stages of the procedure, thereby overcoming the inherent contradictions and mentally preparing for the personal reception of a specialist. This project is an important step in a full-scale education campaign "Happiness of motherhood — every woman!", Which is supported by the specialists of the Russian Association of Human Reproduction (RAHR).

IVF children and children conceived the usual way, is not exactly have differences. But have in common — the warmth, love and affection that you, as the parents, they will be able to transfer. Give them life, and they are sure to fill your happiness!

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