Joseph Seredich: not crash …

History knows many cases where people have died from the great joy — writes in his article, the chief editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Joseph Seredich.

Belarusian officials and their lackeys such a death is not threatened.

They face another death. Some of them may break from … malice. Well, a bone in the throat for them, "People's Will" — though the guard shout! Sixteenth year publishes the newspaper — and not a single quiet day. Double vyturvali printed in Vilnius, with disqualification to spread through Belpochta, kiosks, once — in Smolensk. Pressured and pressured by the courts, fiscal sanctions, warnings, threats …

Needless to say, normal life as there was, and is not (although it is now the "People's Will" is printed in Minsk, is sold at kiosks distributed through the mail). Do not allow to breathe various tserbery and their assistants. Cling to any little thing. Then for one thing, then another, then for the third. With or without a reason … Just to bite!

Belarusian officials and their lackeys such a death is not threatened.

They face another death. Some of them may break from … malice

Well, the other day Belarusian Telegraph Agency (BelTA) disseminated by the Minister of Information Proleskovsky interview. Heading into one of the state newspapers — "Information terror opposition." And with the move: "the attack on April 11, Like a watershed delineated the Belarusian media. Some journalists were carrying people truthful information called for help to the victims and detectives, reassuring the population (of course, on which the shark pen and a microphone talking about. — Ed.). Others ( that is, independent journalists. — Ed.) use their "talents" to inflame, to discredit law enforcement and government in general, doctors and all those who made every effort in order to save the lives of people run, opened the barbaric crime. blasphemously charges were not ignored by the Ministry of Information: newspapers "Nasha Niva"And" Narodnaya Volya "issued a warning. Reporter learned (Alexander Vasiliev. — Ed.) Conversing about this with the Minister of Information of Belarus Oleg Pralyaskouski."

Stop! By which the "matter"? All of this demagogic talk about "blasphemous accusations" and has no close relationship to the "People's Will". I repeat: not mine!

And if you are itching in one place, if you really want to bite …

The latest warning Mr. Proleskovsky announced to us on April 15. And not for some sort of "fanning the situation, discrediting the law enforcement and government in general …". Thank God, with the lighting of the tragedy on the subway with us everything is fine, although the information was fed directly into the room and in the extreme regime, that of random errors no one was immune.

anger at the "People's Will" and some may burst. Not crash …

So why on once was listed on the sword of vengeance "People's Will"? For the publication back on January 11 (notice three months ago) Article Svetlana Kalinkina "Show and tell" Goebbels-TV. "Terrorist attack in the capital and the nature of the Belarusian TV — this as they say in Odessa, two big differences. And the fool understand what purpose have attracted the ears "People's Will" to a tragic event in Minsk. Attracted, despite the fact that the court disassembly between BT and the "People's Will" the point is not set. We are preparing an appeal, and it is unknown when it will be reviewed. Moreover, the newspaper to still did not receive a reasoned decision of the Supreme Economic Court, referred to in the prevention of the Minister. I wonder how he got it? And anyway, what excites him as a dispute between two business entities — Belarusian Television and the "People's Will"? Regarded as unrestrained zeal of Mr. Proleskovsky when behind the newspaper is still eligible for annulment? The pressure on the court? Demonstration of bureaucratic zvyshsillya? Revenge of the independent publication for neskaronasts? Settling of accounts with its editor, who once commented about the appointment of the Minister of Information Mr. Proleskovsky: "There are people for whom there is no difference what position to take — to be a minister or chief gynecologist"?

Yes, I am a specialist with nearly 45 years experience, no law to compel respect for the man I for some good reason I do not respect. But anyone who takes a ministerial post or sitting in some other high chair, and has the duty to respect the legal provisions governing its relationship with everyone who is part of his official interests. In this sense, no one made any exceptions.

And if you want to bite?

And if you are itching constantly in one place?

To such questions I do not answer. Here are their word to say other specialists.

At the end I just throw one remark: from anger to the "People's Will" and some may burst.

Not crash …

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