Journalist to be tried for abuse and police nepadaradkavanne

Vitebsk journalist Vladislav Old Believers spent the night in the detention center and is awaiting trial. The police detained him on April 26 during the "Chernobyl" shares, the guy was filming with a video camera.

The police officers in civilian clothes attacked Vladislav Staroverova from the back, because they do not like the fact that they, too, fall into the video clip. The guy twisted his arms and dragged several meters along the ground. For three hours he was held in the October police station and then taken to the detention center.

No protocols says Old Believers itself, it is not made up — by least, He did not sign any papers. And just down the road in the detention center, he learned from the guards that he was charged with disorderly conduct — obscene language — as well as the requirements of insubordination police.

Consider the case of Vladislav Staroverova October district court of Vitebsk.

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