Judged activist Ivan Stasiuk

June 15 morning in the court of the Moscow district of Brest delivered a youth activist Ivan Stasiuk. This is "Radio Liberty" the chairman of the Brest regional UCP Nicholas bucket.

According to the source, the police pursued by Ivan Stasiuk criminal case the burning of the House of Justice in Minsk.

18:00 activist Ivan Stasiuk return to court on June 20

13:20 Court of the Moscow district of Brest adjourned the case of democratic youth activist Ivan Stasiuk at 15.00. This is "Radio Liberty" said his friend Mikhail Ilyin.

The interviewee said that Ivan Stasiuk was brought to the court of the Moscow district this morning. He spent the previous night in the Moscow police department of Brest. "With respect to the detainee administrative report for disorderly conduct, — said Mikhail Ilyin.

According to Mikhail Ilyin, earlier, on the night of 3 June 4, Ivan Stasiuk detained in Brest, when he was returning by train from Poland. From the train station, the activist was taken to the KGB and interrogated in connection with his activities in online social networks. The survey lasted about three hours, after which he was released.

June 13 at the apartment of the parents of Ivan, where he also lives, a search was performed, during which police seized a computer system, flash card, and leaflets with information that Alexander Lukashenko did not get a convincing victory in the elections on December 15 2010.

Ivan Stasiuk — 24 years. Previously, he studied the history department of the Brest State University. In 2006 he was expelled during the presidential election campaign. After studying in Poland under the program name Kalinowski. He returned to Brest for family reasons. Previously, he was arrested for 15 days and fined several times for taking part in political activities of the opposition.

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