Kemerovo shocked

Kemerovo.  Photo: panoramioAccording to rumors, yesterday around 15:00 right in the center of Kemerovo, namely in the building at the Soviet Ave, Building B 60, townspeople felt the tremors.

"Everything points to the earthquake: tilting table and hanging objects, for example, a mobile phone on a string, and the building shook a little, — the" MK in Kuzbass "witness the incident. — I would always feel an earthquake in my life, so, I presume, the force — was 2-3 points.

No injuries or damage. Sound wave was not, therefore, the nature of shocks is not exactly explosive. All shows exactly tremors. There was no panic, of course, though some employees were interested in, not whether we need to evacuate? But we all stayed in the workplace. "

According to the press service of the head of the Main Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kemerovo region Valery Korchagin like numerous calls from residents Kuzbass received the MOE for the fifth day. Pavel suggested that these shocks can be related to the fact that the military range Yurginsky are activities for the destruction of ammunition.
As the "MK in Kuzbass", are most affected by the explosions, of course, yurgintsy. But residents such as Yashkinskogo district also have to endure the inconvenience. "The walls were shaking, plaster falling off, windows rattle …" — says a resident Yashkino.

By order of the Kemerovo Region Governor Aman Tuleyev employees EMERCOM Russia's Kemerovo region and professionals from some municipalities have been organized commission survey of social objects, as well as municipal buildings and private housing sectors. And on Thursday, October 27, in cities and regions of Kuzbass will command post exercise on the practice and the threat of earthquakes. In other words, in this problem, regional authorities are very serious.

Against this background, "MK in Kuzbass" all the more surprised when handling about a possible earthquake in the Kemerovo Center for Monitoring and Forecasting PG 'Agency for Civil Protection and the Kemerovo region "was refused to comment. For over an hour the press service of the Agency "had no information on the matter."

Then the answer has been given yet.
"According to the seismic Kemerovo, no natural seismic events did not happen" — said "MK in Kuzbass' spokesman SI" The Agency for Civil Protection and the Kemerovo region "Ivan Shilin, and the question, then what was the reason for hesitation tables in the house Soviet Avenue, Shilin said: "The information on this issue we do not have, and the position on the matter we do not have."

It turns out that the cause of "shaking" on the Soviet explosions could be Yurginsky range, but evidence of this either. There is only speculation. And you want to know for sure …

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