Kennedys assassination — the rite of the Illuminati?

Kennedy's assassination - the Illuminati ritual?Murder Catholic, Irish-born, President Kennedy 50 years ago — is excellent and the most severe provocation of all time. It took place when people were already home teles, and means for the views of the philosopher Nicolas Bonnal, equal opportunity means television attacked and insulted by the terrible komplota.

All of us were glued to their television screens (this was my first memory, and even how!), And all have witnessed barbaric and absurd attempt, which from the beginning was supposed to be considered paranormal. We were doomed to dumbness, are doomed to remain broadly eyes closed in the face first, overlooked in the world live performance Illuminati.

In this case, under the definition of "Illuminati" I guess some mixture of the hidden services (according to Lord Byron, agency — is possessed by the spirits of devils, read "Manfred"), instigators of wars, the forces that control the media, witches, which replaced spies, actors and fake monks Baroque times (here re-read the "3 Musketeers"). On the basis of these abilities, they could seize power in their hands and manipulate reality as they want. They used the slave-soldier, such as Oswald (as well as they used sex slaves, similar Marilyn) to make bin Laden — the image of lime villain.

As it is clear to my readers, Shakespeare gives us the keys to naizloveschey modernity manifested in the beauty of the end of the 60's "Hamlet," "Macbeth," "The Tempest" total concealment of messages that shed light on the issues of the day. Let us turn now to the "King Lear" to the lines, which speaks of a certain agent, on behalf of the pawn … Oswald

I know you very well: you are a slave helpful,
Crapulous your mistress,
In the desires of debauchery and harm.

Oswald imposed subsequent diagnosis of a pawn he used in the attack linden it helpful servant, who is perched all the evil, as Bin Laden, whose name means in German … "loaded" (in the true time Bin Laden's family came from Spain to Yemen, where they are read as a dialect of "Ladino", which gave the name to this sad-known family, which after the explosions was under the protection of Bush and received a permit specifically after September 11, to leave the U.S. on a private jet!).

Komploty associated with the technologies: hydraulics, optics and printing are the keys that help to understand the prerequisites Baroque era heyday. And all the gimmicks of our times and I can not enumerate.

Lord of Lear and Oswald, Lord Lir and MakLohan: the game of principle for Marshall MakLohana — majestic Catholic thinker of the Gutenberg galaxy. And together with the symbolic death of the first-born of Irish and Catholic president we get into the latest electric galaxy, pushed too far forward from the Gutenberg galaxy. And from the time of the murder, we are in a terrible ever-changing array of pictures, images, events, and always rigged never explain scandals. Description of such baroque dark magic, we can look at the majestic and William, and Pierre Corneille in his "Funny illusions," and, of course, in the stately Spanish poets ("Life — it's a dream," as said Calderon). In the post-Christian era almost certainly inhabited by astronomers, obsessed gardeners and manufacturers of lenses (those that distort reality), as alchemists, we will find that we — "the substance of which dreams are made." Specifically, this is the secret of Shakespeare's sad. Like Hamlet, we are victims of the reign of lime shadows (his father was lord dies, dozing!), We are victims of "unfounded creation of visual images" (re-read the "Storm") — in other words, the main influx of media industry and control systems, in which everyone believes.

But to return to the Kennedy. He was killed on 22/11 right in front of the Masonic Temple in Dallas — city, located on the 33 parallel, as well as Los Alamos, Bermuda, Tripoli, Damascus, Baghdad, Tibet, Nagasaki and other places of strategic importance and the occult. The ritual significance of this dastardly and "paranormal" murder was wonderfully described by James Shelby Dounardom and ILCA A. Hoffman II in their masterful essay "Kill Bill 33" — readers may find this stately Text on the pages of the web. It emphasizes the element afanizma practiced at the highest levels of political evil — meaning the disappearance or torture in time specific autopsy dead body belonging to VIP personalities. It has been practiced since the time of Osiris …!

But what it meant for the Illuminati is a logical and ritual murder? Sacrifice is redemptive when evil helps when paves the way for new atrocities by armed interventions and wars around the world. And configurations that have occurred in the 60th expansion produced a snow-white Christian Western culture, the essence of which was contained in a short sentence: "sex, drugs, rock '. That was the decline of the snow-white European and American race, the end of the moral criteria and the beginning of the end of our industry and its culture with the highest standards. We went into the possession of the black subculture, underground and Myagenko Satanism (and from time to time and such Myagenko), there was an exception area, keep the Soviets. There are more preferred group of Shostakovich's "The Beatles", at least until the birth rate was highest — before restructuring, opening the borders to the West.

Murder President Kennedy (Whose beautiful family struck in Paris General De Gaulle), whatever its shortcomings, means, in the words of writer James Douglas, the existence of "paranormal", is that the hidden life, the hidden agents of the CIA and the political representatives of the what was left of America, led by the denominator of the destruction of disgust and the global matrix. Lyndon B. Johnson, a high-level Freemason, came to power, defile young, demoralized the country, launched a wheel war and practiced distraught anti-communism in Vietnam (the bombing killed three million people!), Also in Bolivia and in various countries. He closed his sad-known and fully conscious attack by Israeli forces of South American ship "Liberty" in 1967 and was forced to remain silent naval officers and their families, who vainly fought for their rights. Devilish Johnson of Texas too bothered over the desecration of their own people by starting the immigration process, distorting the body and the soul of the country, though there was a very real black magician. But specifically for this purpose was the ritual murder of Kennedy with the announcement favorite scapegoat. Devil Lyndon (here again comes to mind Kubrick and his "Barry Lyndon") B. Johnson, which threw America would be so described in Shakespeare:

Here's servant, whose worthless pride
It lives in precarious fame who follows her.

Now replace Johnson came Obama, whose policies controlled by the Illuminati Bush's terrible! As Mr. Douglas says, Obama — this is not a new Kennedy; regrettable Obama — this may be, the new Johnson, acting against the interests of the snow-white population of America and Christian minorities, and taking under his wing totalitarian sects oligarchy (specifically the same heinous gang who can not stand, Vladimir Putin) in the world. You need only open your eyes and worth of the soul to become aware of what is happening around.

Watch ye therefore, because they do not know any day or n
or the hour in which to come Offspring of a human.

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